How to Apply Silk Nails

The use of silk nails add beauty to natural nails. To know how to apply silk nails, it is important to follow the simple guidelines and get all the required materials like silk wraps, buffering oil and glue beforehand.

Even if the use of acrylic nails is more common to women, many fashion experts also recommend the use of silk nails because these are more natural than acrylic nails. To make sure that silk nails can be used for more than a month, choose those that are made from fiberglass. Learning how to apply silk nails is fun and enjoyable. Below are the required materials as well as the steps when applying silk nails.

Needed Materials and Tools

The important materials are silk nail wraps, a plastic compressor sheet and a plastic sealer. The other required materials when applying silk nails are buffing oil and glue. To apply the nails properly, it is important to get all these tools: scissors, a micro file, tweezers and a 180-grit file.


After getting all the required tools and materials, proceed with the simple steps in applying silk nails. First, clean the natural nails and remove fake nails or acrylic nails. It is also helpful to erase or remove existing nail polish. Use the grit file to clean the nails and discard fake nails. Put the silk nail wraps on top of the natural nails. Get a washable marker to outline the shape of the natural nails. Cut the wraps based on the shape and size of the natural nails.

Cover the natural nails with the wraps. Make sure that the natural nails were evenly coated with glue before covering them with silk nail wraps. Carefully slide the compressor sheet over the wraps to be assured that the nails were properly covered. Use the scissors to remove excess part of the nail wraps. Coat the nails with buffing oil. Use the micro file to improve the shape of the nails.

Make sure that the wraps have smooth finish. Secure silk nails by applying a plastic sealer over the wraps. Wait for the plastic sealer to dry. To add beauty to the nails, apply nail polish over the wraps.

Tips and Warnings

Silk nails usually last for two weeks to a month so women with active lifestyles are advised to avoid using linen and silk wraps. It is best that they look for nail wraps that are made from fiberglass because these are stronger than silk and linen nail wraps. To avoid experiencing troubles, use tweezers when attaching the silk wraps to natural nails and do not forget to allot spaces between the cuticles and the wraps to provide a natural look to the nails.

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