How to Become an ASPCA Officer

One of the nonprofit organizations in the United States that aims to diminish cases of animal cruelty in the country, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) hires officers who are responsible of ensuring that animals are not mistreated and abused. To know how to become an ASPCA officer, interested people should have understanding on the trainings that the organizations require them to finish. In addition, it is important that they know the requirements that applicants should submit to be considered or to be qualified for this position.

Requirements for the Position

To become an ASPCA officer, applicants should possess skills that are very important to the job. The organization requires applicants to have sufficient background on law enforcement as well as animal welfare and animal care. To be considered for the position, applicants should present a high school diploma and a birth certificate. The position is only open to 21 years old and above. Finally, applicants should be a certified resident of the state of New York.


Interested individuals can visit the web site of the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals if they want to become an ASPCA officer. The site provides instructions on how applicants can submit their resumes online. Applicants are reminded to attach a cover letter to the resume. The cover letter must contain information on their accomplishments that will be helpful in doing the responsibilities of an ASPCA officer. In addition, applicants should include contact information on the resume so the organization can reach them if they are being considered for the job.

Benefits and Trainings

The duties and responsibilities of an ASPCA officer are not easy. During the first year of ASPCA officers, they need to undergo trainings that are important to enhance their investigative skills and knowledge on animal handling. In addition, they must finish trainings that can improve their knowledge on firearms handling. When all the trainings were completed, they need to pass a series of examinations that would test their ability to solve complaints and cases related to animal abuse and animal cruelty. The exams will also assess their knowledge on writing and filing detailed reports. Above all, an exam on firearms handling will be given to them before they finish the probation period.

The duties of an ASPCA officer are difficult. To inspire and motivate the officer, the position has an average annual salary of $45,000. Aside from this, the organization assures that the officer has medical, dental and vision insurances.