How to Boil Chicken

Boiling chicken is easy and lets you savor its full flavor and texture. Use proper methods for boiling chicken and have a tasteful meal.

The steps needed for boiling chicken to perfection are easy to follow even for new cooks. To avoid any difficulties it is best if you prepare all the necessary equipment and ingredients first.

Needed Equipment

You should have a large container to cook the meat. If you are going to use cold water thawing, prepare airtight bags or plastics; prepare as many as needed. If you are going to store it in the refrigerator you need a bowl or platter. When cooking a meat thermometer will also be handy.

Facts about Thawing

Before you can even begin boiling chicken, you have to thaw it first. The process of thawing is very important. Never attempt to cook chicken (or any meat for that matter) that is frozen.

The best way to thaw is by placing the meat in the refrigerator (40 F or lower). If it is large the process takes anywhere from 5 to 7 hours. A small one will need 5 hours at most. To speed up the process you can cut the large meat into smaller pieces. If you are only going to cook the legs or breasts, just thaw them instead of the whole piece.

You can use the cold water method if you like. Put the meat in a sealed container and immerse in cold water. A small chicken will thaw in a couple of hours, while a large piece double that time. Make sure to replace the water every half hour. You need to start the boiling chicken process immediately afterwards.

The Boiling Process

When the meat has thawed, place it in a crock pot or similar holder filled with water. Put the lid on and turn it to medium high. Check every now and then to see if bubbles have formed. When you see the bubbles, reduce the temperature level. Leave the meat there for ten minutes. What you are doing is giving it time to simmer.

To make sure that it is cooked you should use the meat thermometer. Before you cook put the thermometer in the meat (avoiding the bone). This allows you to see the temperature during the process of boiling chicken. You can also use a knife to make an incision. If the meat is no longer pink, the cooking process is done. You can now remove the water. However, if the meat is still pink cook a little longer. The large the meat, the longer it might take to cook.

Other Tips

It’s important to get the freshest quality meat to ensure great taste. Always look at the expiration date. If you are not going to cook the meat for several days keep it frozen. The refrigeration method allows you to thaw, freeze and thaw again but flavor will be lost. For more flavoring you can spray some butter or quick melt cheese on the meat. Some prefer to add garlic, salt and pepper, chili etc.

That is basically all there is to boiling chicken. It is one of the easiest ways to prepare this dish, and the results are great. Followed properly, even novices will be able to do this.

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