How to Build Cabinets

People usually just purchase cabinets from a furniture store. If you want to save money and test your skills in carpentry, you can build your own cabinets. Just follow this set of moderately easy steps.

  1. Create the plan for your cabinet. Determine how large the cabinet should be and what it is for.
  2. Determine the number of doors and compartments the cabinet will contain. It is a good idea for you to indicate the actual measurements of each part of the cabinet in the plan. You can draw the plan yourself, or you can acquire cabinet plans from certain furniture shops.
  3. Prepare the materials for your cabinet. These include lumber, nails and/or joints, and link tools. Although you may require additional materials depending on the specific structure of your cabinet, these items always have to be present. Remember to get high-quality lumber, and rust-proof nails and joints.
  4. You can then start working on the materials. Saw the lumber down to the desired sizes based on your plan. You can mark each piece of lumber according to its intended use.
  5. Assemble the pieces of lumber. Begin with the foundation of the cabinet and its back part. Secure the two parts with the right number of nails. Then continue with the left and right parts, and work your way to the top part of the cabinet.
  6. Attach the hinges and the latch of the door.
  7. Paint the cabinet or apply any other finishing products on it.