How to Build Stairs

Making stairs can be an enjoyable and useful activity. Understand the appropriate way to build stairs and make things more convenient in your home.

Learning how to build stairs is not as difficult as other tasks. One of the advantages of making them is that the materials you will need are easy to get.

The Necessary Materials

  • A frame (square)
  • Lumber (2 x 6)
  • Some masking tape
  • 2×12’s (this will be used for the stringers)
  • Nails
  • Saws (a circular type and the saw blade)
  • A hand saw

Preparations and Measurements

Here are some basic facts: the stringer is for support. The riser (height) and treads (weight) are used to determine the size. Start by determining its height using a measuring tape. When that is done, set down some 2 x 4s. Before you start to build stairs, check how many steps you need.

This can be done by taking the height and dividing it by 7.25. This is only a gauge however. Check the planning and surface area of your home to render a more accurate figure.

The Treads and Risers

First get some treads. To learn how many you need get the number of stairs (or steps) and subtract the last one. Thus if you are making 12 steps, you need 11 threads. To determine the riser sizes, take the rise and divide it by the steps you are making.


Set the steps with the 2 x 12 stringers. Use a frame square to help you get the right position. Use a pencil to note its outline. Once the mark has been set, put the frame down again and make another mark. Repeat this until you get to the final step as this will help you build stairs. Before you commence, it would be prudent to double check the measurement. Only proceed if the sizes are correct.


Now that everything has been marked, get the saw and start cutting. Use the marks as a guide. You can use the hand saw for the corners. Take some nails and attach the stringers and treads to the surface. The treads are put in bottom up. Make sure that they are firm and in place.

Tips and Hints

To make things easier you should sketch the layout first. This is especially true if it will make a curve or there are several landings. If you will build stairs that are high, a handrail will be needed. When you make these, be sure that they are aligned properly too. Of course this will require more materials and lumber. Make an assessment of how much you need.

The treads you use is very important. There are materials made just for this purpose. Do not use ordinary wood as they may not be strong enough.

Again it must be emphasized that the material you use will determine how strong it is. If you are going to utilize brick allow it time to harden. Always have plenty of stock regardless of the material you are using. If you are going to paint it, apply strokes evenly. Avoid too much overlapping.

There is nothing complicated about trying to build stairs. It is not rocket science. By preparing the tools and materials beforehand, it becomes even easier to create.

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