How to Build A Bar

Bars are considered to be the perfect home accessory for entertaining friends and family. They can be built in home corners or spaces that seem to be bare. You can actually build a bar all by yourself – here’s how:

Planning and Measuring

Before rushing to hardware stores for materials, picture in your mind what kind of bar you want to build. This will give you an idea of what materials you will buy. You also need to measure the available space for constructing the bar in your house.

Bar Construction

  1. Choose the wood for your bar. Most bars use pine boards because they are soft, yet strong. Pine can be stained in different colors, which makes it easier to adjust it to your unique design needs.
  2. If you plan to add wiring and plumbing to your bar, the wood must be properly drilled and cut to avoid accidents.
  3. Add cabinets to your bar. You can use the space above your bar area.
  4. After cabinet fittings have been made, drill holes near the frame of the front area’s edges.
  5. Secure the cabinet fitting with dry-wall screws.
  6. After cabinet fitting, you can then proceed to construct the bar top. There are two common ways to construct a bar top. These are:
  7. Layering (mixing different kinds and sizes of wood is the most popular technique for layering)

  8. Constructing it with three to four broad and solid oak boards.
  9. After the bar has been installed, smooth out rough surfaces with sand paper. Smoothen the surface so that there will be no unnecessary lumps when you apply the finish. Wear a mask when you are sanding down your bar because sandpaper dust irritates the nose and the lungs.
  10. After sanding the bar down, you can apply the finish. You can apply at least two standard stain coats on your bar to make it impermeable to water and other liquids.