How to Build a Bench

There’s no need to buy a bench when you can make one yourself. Build a bench quick and easy using the proper methods.

You don’t need to be a carpenter to learn how to build a bench. By preparing the following tools, you will be on the way to making one. As you will see, it’s not that hard

Assemble the Materials

First you should get the following ready. Be sure that your workplace is spacious. This will prevent you from losing nails or other parts.

  • A dozen 4 x 8 wooden planks
  • Screws (of different sizes and galvanized)
  • Glue or other adhesive material for wood
  • A Jigsaw
  • A drill with bits
  • Sandpaper and sand
  • A regular hammer
  • A tape measure
  • Some pencils
  • Several sheets of paper
  • Several clamps
  • A router
  • Nails (including the finish types)

Keep in mind that the number of the boards will change depending on how many you might want to build. The same is true with the nails.

Making the Seat

Start to build a bench by measuring the legs, seat and seat frame. Use the measuring tape to get the dimensions right. Draw the shape you want. When you are done take the jigsaw and cut the pieces as you like. Do not forget to mark the top parts. Use the nails to fuse the pieces together and sand it.

Use the finish nails and adhesive to attach the seat to the frame. You can start from behind using the .75 in spacer board. Don’t make it an exact fit. Let the slats project over the front board a little.

Making and Putting the Legs in Place

The next step to build a bench will be the legs. Again you can cut them with the jigsaw in any fashion you want. When you get the shape you like get the drill. Make some countersink holes in the seat frame. Join the legs with the frame using the glue. Screw them tightly. You can start with the front or back legs. Repeat the process for the other three. You can smoothen the corners if you like. Add some sand too.

Building the Backrest

Use the measuring tape to judge the distance from the top rail to the backside of the back leg. Add 5/8 in between. For the rail bottom to the back leg the space is 1/8. After making countersink holes, get the router and slats for the back. To build a bench back seat, use the router and make a groove at the top rail. Put the tenons in there. Use the glue and nails to set the slats in firmly.

Building the Armrest

Get the cleats (3.5”x3/4”x3/4”) and connect them to the front legs’ sides. Align them properly. Make a 3/16 opening in the cleat. Connect this with the middle bracing. Calculate the armrest from the back leg’s rear up to some inches from the front. Make an indentation in the armrest. This is necessary to get support from the rear leg. Drill an opening over the front cleat. It has to go through the armrest. Now glue and screw the armrest in place.

That is all it takes to build a bench. Once you have the basics understood you can make modifications and style it in different ways.

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