How to Build a Bridge

Making a bridge requires planning and thorough attention to the construction. Assess the ways of how to build a bridge and create one that is serviceable and functional.

If you decide to build a bridge, realize it will not be a quick and easy project. Although it will take months or years, having an idea of what the needed materials are can streamline and hasten the process.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Machinery and other excavation tools
  • Decide on the Location and Type

Most of these structures are built out of necessity so choosing the location isn’t likely to be a problem. Attention must still be paid to it however. The reason is it can determine what type should be built.

To cover short distances a beam type will do. This can be made of concrete or even wood. For traversing gorges or cliffs, the arch variant is needed. To build a bridge that connects cities, the suspension type is required.

Preparing the Site

A small project like making a fire pit requires preparing and clearing the area. It is even more so for something like this. Engineers and surveyors will study the site first. Apart from mapping the site any other potential obstacles will be assessed. When that is done, measuring the area will follow.

Designing and Making Assessments

The next step is designing it. Most of the work will be done in CAD and similar programs. Apart from the overall look, costs will be evaluated right now. Even though there may be a preliminary design, the reality of the ground situation may require amendments. This step can take weeks or months to finish.

Adding the Foundation

The initial step to build a bridge will be making the base. Excavators will dig through the banks at the desired depth. Once it is reached, concrete will be poured in. Other materials may be added to provide stability. When they dry the supports and base may be added in.

Putting the Pieces Together

There are two ways in which the pieces are assembled. One way is to build them in the location. Alternatively the pieces can be assembled somewhere else. The finished product will be shipped to the site. The steel parts are lifted up using anchors.

The last part to be added is the deck. Thos who build a bridge prefer to use concrete for the deck. Other materials like aluminum can be used though. An increasing number utilize mixtures of various substances. Most of the time, the material will depend on the variant that will be constructed. If you are overseeing the project consult with the proper personnel to get the right mix.


This is the final stage. You can use machinery from the public works department. Or you can use commercially available types. This can take a while. Usually the area surrounding the structure is paved too. This is necessary to make the route towards it more manageable. As should be obvious, patience is needed when asked to do a project of this magnitude.

When you decide to build a bridge, know that it will take a long time. A lot of planning and research is involved. Plan ahead and assemble the tools and personnel. This will ensure the success and stability of the structure.

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