How to Build a Castle

Possessing your own castle is possible with the right tools and planning. Build a castle and live out your dreams.

Planning to build a castle is just like making your own house. To ensure success you need to have the tools and a realistic and doable design plan.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Brick or wood
  • Steel
  • Sand
  • Concrete
  • Stones
  • Diggers
  • Shovels
  • Machinery

Choose the Right Spot

You can place the structure anywhere you like. But if you want the traditional look, it should be in the countryside or near a mountain view. Surroundings filled with trees and hills are ideal. Rivers and lakes nearby will add more beauty to the scene. As always, have all the paperwork finished before proceeding.

Designing the Structure

There are literally hundreds of designs to help you build a castle. You can make one up yourself. The best approach is to get several pictures and use them as inspiration for your own. Decide how many towers you want to add. Will there be drawbridges and guard towers?

Excavating the Moat

To create one you just have to dig a few feet and fill it with water. Shape it the way you want. Put some concrete around it. You can add several stones for aesthetic purposes too.

Setting up the Foundation

A large structure requires a solid base. When you dig a hole add plenty of concrete. You can combine the cement with stone. Give it enough time to solidify. Use a leveler or the machinery to flatten the mixture. If you are to build a castle with a large courtyard, use a mix of dirt and stone.

Assembling the Pieces

You can use stones or bricks. If you will use bricks apply mortar between layers. Also align them so they lie partly on top of each other. This adds to their strength. With stones you can put in concrete between the gaps.

Adding Windows and Doors

For windows and doors you have two options. For simple types you can make square or rectangular holes. If you want to use other material like glass or wood, align the bricks / stones to allow them to be fitted in.

As you build a castle, add the other components. Now is the time to put in crenellations, compartments, chambers etc. Other elements like electricity, plumbing and ventilation need to be addressed now. Always have your design sketch / blueprint in hand. As you go through the process, check the supplies and materials to make sure there’s enough.


A project of this size can run into problems. To avoid this you can have an engineer or architect around. If you are in that profession, you should in turn hire the best personnel you can afford. The same approach must be made with the materials. Just as you wouldn’t want to scrimp when making your dream house, so too here. If you try to cut back on costs, you could end up with leaks or cracked walls.

The structure looks formidable, but trying to build a castle is no harder than making your own house. Using the correct approach the project may be finished sooner than you think.

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