How to Build a Chicken Coop

People can earn hefty profits just by raising chicken. Likewise, this can be a very fun and worthwhile hobby for others. No matter what their purpose is, knowing how to build a chicken coop can help them save and earn more money without spending too much.

Raising chicken can help people produce hefty profits. For some, this particular task is more of a hobby. No matter what their purpose is, learning how to build a chicken coop is a simple process that can help them save and earn more money. Before they can actually enjoy all these advantages, they first need to provide these gentle creatures safe, healthy and convenient living conditions.


In learning how to build a chicken coop, planning is very important because it can lead to the failure or success of the project. The structure must be situated in a relatively high spot. The purpose of this is to prevent the rainwater from forming puddles, especially during storms. The second important factor to consider is the size. The place must not be too crowded for the chickens as it may affect their growth and development. According to experts, each bird must have a space of eight to ten square feet.

The next thing to do is to draw out the plan. Putting ideas on paper makes things much easier and more organized. Position the door in a highly convenient spot. It must be big enough for people to enter because it is very important in cleaning the place and gathering the eggs. Add windows facing the south side to keep the structure warm during winter and provide proper ventilation during summer.

The materials needed for this particular task is not that hard to find. In fact, people can find them easily on their backyards such as plywood and scrap lumber. After planning the outside, it is now time to plan the interiors. Allot at least one nest box for four to five laying hens. A perching space is also important, so allot each chicken a perch space measuring at least six to ten inches. When the plan is all set, purchase all the lacking materials. These include straw, feeders and chicken wire.


Position the yard area of the chicken coop facing south. The roof must be sloped in order for the water not to accumulate on top. Put some chicken wire on the windows to prevent predators from entering the structure. In doing this, be sure that significant amount of sunlight can still enter the place. To add more security, put a latch at the entry point of the building. This will help in the easy handling of the chickens.

At the walls of the structure, put some perches and nest boxes. Position the perches at least three to four feet from the floor. Moreover, put some straw inside the nest boxes. Cover the whole yard with chicken wire or any other materials that can serve as reliable fences. The fences must be buried at least 12-inches deep and at least four feet high. To protect the hens from owls and hawks, put some netting on top of the structure.

How to Build a Deck Chair

Making your own deck chair is easy if the right methods are used. Develop insights on how to build a deck chair and save money in the process.

You may not know a lot about assembling things, but that’s okay. In order to build a deck chair, only the right equipment is necessary.

Assembling the Materials

  • Wood (most common choices are “1 x 2” teak or stock pine)
  • Several screwdrivers (galvanized)
  • Furniture stock (planed)
  • Several nails (tack)
  • Fabric
  • An ordinary hammer
  • A router
  • A driller (the one with the bits)
  • A coping saw
  • Glue
  • A palm sander
  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • Dowel
  • Some papers for sketching

Choosing the Fabric

The type you select is up to you. Some base their choices on the chair type they are making. Whichever variant you choose trim them to fit your project (if necessary). If you don’t know which best fits your design, check the local store to see what they use.

Measuring and Drilling

The initial steps to help you build a deck chair are the measurements. Make sure to get the proper height right now. Thin rails are the norm, but get as many as possible for stronger weight support. Slice the corners of a couple of side rails. Round them out. Next, use the driller to make a hole (1”) at the side rail’s upper part. Repeat this at the lower portion (5/8 from where you made the first hole).

On two smaller rails (about ¾ less in size) repeat the above procedure. The lower hole should be nearer to the surface grounds. This allows all the pieces to be joined together. Use the glue and tack nails to unite the outside rails.

In order to build a deck chair correctly the shorter rails must be nestled in the larger ones. After drilling and gluing, add dowels to the shorter rails.

Creating the Supports

They can be made from strapping sized timber. Sticking them with glue is the easiest option but making joints is also possible. When using glue add nails for extra firmness. The nails should be in the middle portion of the rails.

Creating the Back and Seat

Get some stock (1 x 3). Use the drill to make holes and mortise them. Mortising involves making square holes. When they are made, put in the tenon. This will create a joint. Place these at the top and middle sections of the side rails. This should be repeated for the seat. By taking these steps you avoid the necessity of making a lateral support for the upper parts.


The final step to build a deck chair will be painting. If you used teak, it’s best to utilize a poly finish to add luster. For other types of wood, use ordinary paint. Be sure that they don’t contain lead.

When applying paint do so in continuous and smooth strokes. Run the brushes on the surface in a consistent manner. Avoid overlapping the strokes. If you do, the finished paint job will appear uneven. Allow it sufficient time to dry. Painting by the way, does not just add color and style. It can also protect the wood from decay. It makes them last longer too.

Learning how to build a deck chair requires some work but it offers benefits. Not only do you get to save some cash, but you add to your skill level too.

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