How to Build a Dog Box for a Truck

There is no need to leave your pet behind when you go on a long trip. By learning to build a dog box for a truck, you can bring man’s best friend with you wherever you plan to go.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Hinges
  • Screws
  • Latches
  • Wood boards
  • Rug or soft clothing
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Design the Box

There are several things you need to consider. How big is your pet? Make sure the structure is roomy. If you’ll be going on a long journey, this will be a necessity. The second thing will be the material. Most prefer wood. But you can also use plastic or aluminum. You can check out the stuff they use in stores to help you build a dog box for a truck. Some popular materials are vinyl and steel. Here, wood boards are used.

Cutting the Boards

Start by making the base or floor. You can saw one from the board. If you had taken measurements you can buy one of that size. If you cut it, be sure to sand it to remove any splinters.

Now you can create the walls. You will need four of them. If the box is square they are of equal length. If rectangular, the two at the front and back will be longer. Saw them according to the lengths you made. The sanding by the way, doesn’t apply if you aren’t using wood to build a dog box for a truck.

Make the Door and Roof

Get the front wall section. Make a hole there fit for the door. Now get the wood boards and make the right incisions. Put the hinges on the door. Screw it tight. Attach it to the front wall. Use the screws to connect the hinge to the front wall. Test it by swinging. The roof can be made with a wood board. Apply at least four large nails.

Assembling the Pieces

Place each wall in the appropriate spot and nail it with a hammer. Another option is to drill holes and put screws instead. Repeat this process for the other three wall sides. Attach the roof using nails or screws as you build a dog box for a truck.

Drill several holes in the three walls. This will be the ventilation for the animal. Don’t make any openings on the roof. If you do, rain will get in.

Attaching to the Truck

You can attach the box by drilling openings in the bed of the truck. Now you just have to drill corresponding holes in the box and join them with screws. Put in the rug or cloth for your dog to sleep in.


Shake the box a few times to see if it is strong and stable. Drive around without the dog and see if the structure holds up. You should also check if the door swings open too easily. This could be dangerous as your pet might go through it.

You should build a dog box for a truck with the safety of your pet in mind. By making it as comfortable for the dog as much as possible, your pet will look forward to going with you on your next journey.

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