How to Build a Garage

To build a garage, some knowledge of carpentry is required. Given the dimensions involved, you should also consider getting a helping hand. It can speed up construction of the project significantly.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Wood boards
  • Concrete
  • Tape measure
  • Shingles

Planning and Research

A large project like this requires some planning. Get a piece of paper and draw a basic sketch. It doesn’t matter if you are adding an extension or making a total revamp. Draw a sketch. Draw lines indicating areas for the car (or cars), table, tools and other stuff. Once you make a plan, refer to it.

Make the Floor

Build a garage starting from the ground up. Use the tape measure and mark the end lines. Excavate or remove the old flooring. Mix the cement. Pour in the right amount. Level it. Let the mix harden. In the meantime you can make the other pieces.

Make the Support Beams

Take the wood boards and measure the support beams. Saw the appropriate length. The number required depends on the size of the place. You can use a sandpaper to eliminate any splinters and overly sharp edges. If the beam is large, ask someone to assist you in putting it in place.

For best results add many support beams. The gap between each must be at least 16 inches. If you want to build a garage, having plenty of these vertical support lines is essential.

Create the Walls

The next step is to make the walls. If you are just extending or remodeling, this step might not be necessary. If it is, start by measuring the boards. Mark the lines where you have to saw each piece. Have someone help you put in each wall section. Ensure that they are in their proper placement. Nail them to the spot. Use any screws and bolts as needed.

Create the Roof, Door and Windows

Creating the roof is the same as the walls. Make a sketch of the shape. Cut the wood boards. Apply sheathing to the wood. After cutting and sawing, apply the shingles. The last step to build a garage is to add the windows and door. Cut the desired shape from the wood board. You can make a frame for the window to ensure it fits. Fasten the windows in place. Install the doors as you would in any part of the house.


Wear masks when you paint. Even if you don’t feel allergic to it, it’s still important to do so. You should also have eye protection when you saw wood boards. Of course you should be careful when hammering nails in wood. You can apply staining to the wood if you prefer.

If you are going to build a garage, put a lot of thought into the planning. If you have an existing one, it might be better to remodel it. If you want to overhaul it completely, make careful notes. Make sure you have everything thought out and then proceed.

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