How to Build a Gate

A gate is designed to keep something away so it should be made of sturdy materials. At the same time, the gate’s design should allow the persons inside to open it easily.

You start building a gate by setting up the posts. The gate’s appearance relies on the sizes of the lumber that you use. 100 X 100 pieces of lumber are used for free-standing posts for gates 4 feet high or lower. Other proportions for bigger and wider gates are available in hardware brochures.

If you decide to set up small posts, you should use supporting bolts or structures which hold your post with a cross-member or a walk-through edifice.

The standard measurement for post holes is is 2 feet deep and 1 foot square. A 3-feet deep hole is required for a wider and heavier gate, such as a parking space gate.

It is advised to have a guide (spreader) for your posts above the head so the posts cannot go out of the line. Position a beam in between the gate post at the extreme sides at a height one foot above the gate posts. This will hold the gate posts together and lessen the chances of gate sagging or gate jamming.

The design of the gate is up to you. There are a lot of designs with corresponding proportions available in the market. You just have to oversee the design of the gate frame and the bracing of the gate frame and fence boards.

When fitting the gate, situate it between the gate posts and let it rest on the packers. This way, the gate is already 2 inches off the ground. Adjust it and make sure that opening and closing the gate would be simple.

After that, screw hinges depending on where the gate is supposed to open (inwards or outwards). Once the hinges are in place, install the gate latch. Normally, the latch is placed half-way up the gate. However, if the gate is designed to keep children out, you can put it higher.

Lastly, put in a gate stop. It is a piece of wood (or a stone) designed to block the gate from swinging further than it is intended. It prevents damage to the latch and the hinges as well. Position it where you want the gate to go when it is opened.