How to Build a Gazebo

There are many gazebo kits available in the market. The hexagonal-floored gazebo is the most common one. Here you will learn how to build a gazebo with this style in five easy steps. Just use the materials that come with your kit and consult with a carpenter if you have other questions.

Deck Floor

First, install the frame for your deck floor. This is made up of two kinds of joists: the inside joists and the outside joists. Screw the outside ones together. to form the edge of your deck floor. After doing that, install the inside joists in every corner. Next, drill the holes that will be used to secure your core block in place and put the core block in. After that, secure shorter reinforcement joists to strengthen the flooring.

Install fiberglass as the first level of the deck boards. This will keep the insects from the garden floor out. Lay down the wooden deck boards and walk around to make sure they’re leveled.


Install the spindles using .25-inch crown staples. To do this, use an air gun. Attach fillet to the opposite end of the spindles. After this, assemble the spindles to create corridor-like walls/railings.

Now it’s time to install the corner posts. Attach them to the end of each railing section. Connect them end-to-end to “enclose” the area in the middle of the gazebo. Walk around to ensure that the walls are not too far from the edge of the floor and to see if the topmost part of the walls are leveled.

Gazebo Roof

The gazebo roof contains one core block at the centermost (or core) part of the roof. This is parallel to the core block that is also located on the floor. This will hold the rafters in place.

Attach one rafter after another into the core block before you raise it to form a roof. Set up the corner rafters by connecting each rafter attached to the core block to the header boards supported by the corner posts. Install 5-6 horizontal beams between the corner rafters to support the pie wedges which you will install later.

Now, you can install the pie wedges on the roof. Do it carefully, one after another. Lay them flat and secure them on. When you have filled the roof with the pie wedges, attach your cupola and the upper balusters.