How to Build a Pool Deck

It is easy to build a pool deck. You will just need some good quality lumber, pier blocks made of concrete, and the perfect location. It should have easy access to water.

Steps in Building a Pool Deck

  1. Start with the floor. The size depends upon the design that you choose.
  2. Join the boards with hangers.
  3. Now you can also join the corner brackets (metal ones). Just put them together around the pool.
  4. You will need posts so that the frames you built can be supported. Set the posts into blocks and measure them carefully to correspond to the pool’s height.
  5. Fasten the frames using deck screws and use pier blocks for reinforcement. When assembling the posts, you don’t need to dig holes or use cement.
  6. When your posts are already assembled, install diagonal braces between them. Remember that these braces should angle towards the pool and it has to be made within deck perimeter.
  7. Lay your deck boards parallel to a side of a frame. Cut your boards to a size which will fit on the other side. After that, nail them securely using deck screws.
  8. Check if the deck boards run past the framing of the deck. You can trim them using a saw.
  9. Screw the main rail with a cap. Align the cap with the inside plane of your main rail.
  10. Afterwards, you can install the guard rails. Space them aptly and the beveled (cut or slant at a bevel) ends should face down.
  11. There are available precut stringers in the market which come with their complementary material. You can purchase them as a “set” so you can save yourself from other construction worries. You can use them to assemble the stairs. It is important to set these stringers on concrete block to prevent moisture and sinking into the ground. Screw the stringers’ upper end to the joist. Just make sure that you set them into their appropriate length before you screw them into place.
  12. Make sure that the lengths of the materials are correct and that after you build your pool deck, it looks “proper”. Screw all the installations firmly and securely to give your pool deck life.