How to Build a Raft

Have you ever wanted to have a platform light enough to float on water but stable enough to camp out on? It is quite easy to build one.

Steps to Build a Raft

  1. Gathering Materials
  2. Collect 7 or 8 logs. The more uniform they are, the better the raft will be. Your main logs should be around 12 feet long and 12 inches in diameter. You will need 2 or 3 support logs for the locking mechanism of the whole raft. They should be 7 – 8 feet long and 4 – 6 inches across. You also need rope to tie the whole raft together.

  3. Pre-Assembly
  4. Lay out your materials near the shore. Start cutting-out some of the dovetail notches on both ends of your main logs. They should be wider at the bottom than at the top. The notches should be around two inches deep and four or six inches wide at the bottom. They should fit the dimensions of your support logs.

    Cut out your support logs to three sided pieces to match your notches. Be very precise in doing this step.

  5. Near Launching
  6. You must find an easy way to transfer the completed raft from the shore to the water before you start assembling the raft. After you have that figured out, start laying the logs side by side. Align the notches and lock them down with your support logs. Then tie the crosspieces of the raft. You may apply glue to strengthen the raft. You can add a niche for a rudder around the rear end of the raft.

    Cover the surface of the raft with brush so you can have some dry footing. Add some hooks on the surface so that you can tie down some luggage for a long trip.