How to Build a Rat Rod

A rat rod is a car built for speed and racing. The main difference of rat rods from other similar cars lies in its construction. When you build a rat rod, you normally do not have any concrete idea what it would look like. A rat rod enables its owner to have a design unique to him.

A rat rod consists of the following major components:

  • chassis
  • engine
  • frame
  • power components

Steps to Build a Rat Rod

  1. Choose your engine. The type of engine you would get depends on the frame you would use and the amount of weight you want the engine to support. If you are in a somewhat tight budget, you can visit a local automobile shop and look at the second-hand engines being sold there. If you are willing to spend a lot for your rat rod, you can buy new engines from more popular car shops or from the Internet.
  2. Building the frame is the next step. You can use any design and style you want. The only thing you need to consider is the frame’s strength. The frame needs to be able to withstand high speeds. Most individuals recommend the use of lightweight metals.
  3. Once you have finished the frame, mount your engine on it. Then install the car’s power components. These include the transmission, battery, axles, and wheels. When building a rat rod, the addition of electrical parts such as lights is usually the last priority.
  4. Install the car’s steering control mechanism, and set up its break and gas pedals. Place the seat at a position where it could reach all the controls. You can now test the rat rod.