How to Build a Wine Rack

A wine rack is necessary for displaying and safekeeping. Build a wine rack and keep your collection in mint condition.

If your collection is growing, maybe it’s time to build a wine rack. You only need a few things for this project to be successful.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Saw
  • Bolts
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screwdrivers
  • Screws
  • Tape measure
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Pen and paper
  • Wood boards (2 x 4s recommended)

Make a Sketch

Commence by drawing a sketch. The design doesn’t have to be complex; just functional. If you’re stuck for ideas, look over some shops or books. There are also some websites that feature galleries. There’s no shortage of options. When you come up with the look you want, use it as reference.

Choose the Location

Before you build a wine rack, pick the right spot. You can set it in a prominent spot for others to see. If you’d rather put it in the cellar, assess the available space. Needless to say you must avoid placing it in a crowded area to prevent accidents.

Take the Right Measurements

This will depend on the size of your collection of course. Use a measuring tape to get the proportions correct. Account not just for the size of each slot but also the whole area.

Create the Slots

For freshness, the bottles must be stored lying down. Keep this in mind when designing the slots. There are many ways you can design them. Those who build a wine rack usually choose from either a square or diamond shape. You need not limit yourself to these styles. You can make a hexagonal or octagonal type.

Make each slot long enough to keep each bottle in place. You don’t want any part sticking out. If there isn’t enough space make each slot large enough to hold two bottles. This can make it difficult to pull them out though. It is much better to have one for each bottle. You might also consider making slots for wine glasses too. This won’t be necessary if they have their own storage or the rack is near it.

Assembling the Pieces

Use a saw to cut each piece as you build a wine rack. Put the support beams upright. Attach each slot using the screws and bolts. Add nails if needed. Smooth the edges if you like. Make sure that the entire structure is finished before putting anything there.


Put on a protective mask as you paint or stain the rack. Any color will do. Some prefer a wood like appearance while others like black. For staining a double layer will be sufficient.

If you are making a large one, having someone help you is a good idea. If that’s not possible, take frequent breaks. For the best results, you should always be fresh and clear minded.

Take care not to hurt yourself when sawing or hammering the nails in place. Don’t make your slots thin or lightweight. If the bottles are large, the slot and supports must be strong enough to hold them in place. Use large bolts and nails for added protection.

After you build a wine rack, put each of your wines in the slot. Now you can proudly display your collection to all your friends.

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