How to Build a Wooden Fence

Materials and Tools Needed

  • tape measure
  • hole digger
  • a bag of dry cement
  • wood
  • wooden fence posts
  • fence boards
  • nails
  • gravel
  • level
  • shovel
  • spray paint
  • hammer

Steps to Build a Wooden Fence

  1. Mark the spots where you will set up your posts. It is necessary that you space your fence precisely before you begin digging. Spray a small mark of paint every 6-8 feet as you gauge the distances with a tape measure.
  2. Dig the holes where the posts will go. Make these holes as straight as possible. If the ground is hard to dig, moisten it, but not too much. To use the hole digger, spread the handles apart. Place the digger on the ground similar to the way you use a shovel. Once it is on the ground, bring the handles together. There should be soil in between the metal cups of the digger. Bring up the digger out of the ground to take the dirt out. The hole should be deep enough for 1/3 of your wooden fence posts to fit into.
  3. Place two shovelfuls of gravel into the bed of your hole. Position the wooden posts into the hole and set a level on the top of them. When you are sure your posts are level, hold them securely in place using boards.
  4. Reinforce your post with cement. Pour in mixed liquid cement (the directions for mixing are on the cement bag) up to the level just above the post hole. The cement should be heaped up at an angle around the base of your pole to allow water to run off. In this way, you’re not leaving a space for water to collect at the bottom of the post. Dirt can also be used to reinforce the posts but cement will hold up better, especially during rainfall.
  5. Wait for the cement to dry before attaching the fence boards. The drying time will differ based on the brand and type of cement that you used.
  6. Build your fencing. After the posts have totally dried, attach two fence boards between each of your posts. One fence board should be 10-12 inches from the top of the post and the other 10-12 inches from the ground. Be very precise in installing each post to make sure that the wooden fence is level. Attach the fence boards vertically using nails. Cover the entire fence line. Make sure that they are closely spaced. Then, paint the fence as you desire.