How to Build a Work Bench

There are many types of workbenches. You need one in your workshop for clamping down your work pieces. You should know what type you need for your woodworking projects.

If you want a workbench that suits all your needs and available space, you can try making your own.

There are heavy duty workbenches with tops up to four inches thick. You won’t be interested to work on one like this. You could try your hand in making standard woodworking benches that are between 50 to 60 inches long. If you have space in your garage, you can construct a general garage workbench. If you have limited space, you can try to build a portable workbench which began with the idea of the traditional saw horse with a board on it.

Most work benches are made of timber. The sizes of the timber you will use depend on the planned size and dimensions of your workbench. The tools that you will need are:

  • Circular saw
  • Drill with bits, screws, nails
  • Belt sander
  • Clamps
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure

As in all projects where you will do sanding, use a dust mask and protective goggles for your safety.

The main parts of the workbench are the top, the frame and the bracing. You can either build from the bottom or the top. If you start from the bottom, you first make the frame which consists of the legs and bracing. You cut and smoothen four legs of equal size and height. Join them using rectangular connecting timber blocks.

Bracing the legs gives them support. You can use a rectangular piece of wood that connects the bottom of one leg facing the front to the top of the other.
Brace the front and the backside.

To construct the top part or surface of the workbench, you can use 2×4’s glued and clamped together as a substrate. Then cover it with ½ inch plywood which can be changed as it gets worn. Birch wood can be used for standard or garage workbenches. The top surface should be a little wider in dimension, compared to the distance between the legs. You can use wood screws or nails to attach your top to the legs.

After constructing the workbench, you can add accessories that you need like the vises, bench dogs, and hold down clamps.