How to Build an Igloo

People will surely find it very easy to learn how to build an igloo. This structure is very important for people living in extremely cold environment.

Igloos are primarily designed to give people safe, comfortable and cozy places to stay despite extremely cold weather. For a chance to outlast the negative effects of such bad weather condition, people can learn the different steps on how to build an igloo. The presence of such structures can make it possible for people to camp outdoors even under such extremely chilling environment.

Materials Needed

For individuals who wish to learn how to build an igloo, bring in necessary tools and materials. Get a couple of shovels for digging. For cutting blocks of snow and ice, use a sharp snow saw. Tools such as hatchets, machetes and knives can also help a lot in cutting things.


First, scout for a particular spot that is generally secure and safe. After this, check if its foundation is strong enough to hold a relatively huge structure. Use the shovels to dig a pit at this particular spot. Meanwhile, use the saw to cut blocks of ice and snow in the surrounding areas. Use blocks with uniform sizes. Set these blocks on top of the pit, which will then serve as solid and firm foundation for the structure.

When cutting blocks, always take note and remember not to cut super huge blocks. They are impossible and inconvenient to transport from one particular spot to another. Set an imaginary circle right on top of the foundation. Use this to mark the positions where the blocks will be placed. This will also serve as an outline that can facilitate the process.

Use sharp items like hatchets and knives to give blocks shape. After setting in place the blocks on the first row, top them with another layer of the same good quality. Add more rows until the top part of the structure is reached. In the end, it must look like a dome with a little opening. Assign another person inside it. This individual will then take care of the snow that accumulated inside.

Create a tube-like extension on the entry and exit point. This is important in the overall design as it serves as protection from wayward winds and snow from entering the structure. The size of this point must be enough for a person to enter and go out whenever they want. Seal little openings all throughout the igloo. Use snow and shape them to make the interiors smoother.

When the structure is finished, ventilate it with small holes. In addition, putting some windows can also help in the air circulation inside.

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