How to Carve Fruit

Knowing how to carve fruit is simple and easy. What is important in this special activity is to learn the basic steps and get all the materials and tools needed to make a beautiful fruit carving.

Tools and Materials

Before starting with this activity, there are some materials and tools that you need to get like a knife and a washable marker. Aside from these, you need wooden skewers and a spoon. Above all, you will use a fruit like a watermelon, melon or cantaloupe in this special activity.


Learning how to carve fruit is easy if you are willing to commit time in doing this activity. The initial step is to search for patterns that can be used for carving the fruit. For amateurs, make sure that you can easily follow the pattern that will be used. To have a background on the beautiful and attractive patterns for this activity, you can look at books and websites about fruit carvings.

As soon as you decide the pattern to be used in this special project, get the marker and use it to outline the pattern on the fruit. After making the outline, get the knife and be sure that it has a sharp blade. Use this tool to carve the fruit. Follow the outline when carving. Afterwards, use a wet cloth to erase the unnecessary lines on the fruit.

Remove all the seeds from the fruit with the use of wooden skewers and a spoon. Get a plate and place lettuce on the plate. Put the fruit carving on the lettuce and place the centerpiece on the table. Slice fruits like mangoes and melons. Place the sliced fruits around the carved fruit to make it more attractive and alluring.

Tips and Warnings

As a reminder, be sure that the pattern or design that you will choose in this project will fit the size of the fruit that you have selected. Aside from spoon and wooden skewers, you can also use a melon baller to eliminate the seeds after you carve the fruit. To improve the knowledge and understanding of amateurs in this interesting activity, read informative books and watch educational videos about fruit carvings. In addition, to learn how to carve fruit, it is important to ask professional artists for tips on strategies and techniques that are helpful in doing the activity successfully.

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