How to Change a Shower Faucet

One of the common problems experienced by homeowners is a leaky shower. This problem is easy to solve if an individual knows how to change a shower faucet. Having ample understanding on changing a shower faucet is helpful and useful since it can help a homeowner save money that is usually allotted for hiring a plumber. To have ideas about repairing a leaky shower, mentioned below are the materials needed and the guidelines for doing this plumbing work.


Selecting the Right Replacement

The first step in changing this bathroom fixture is to select the right replacement for the shower faucet. When choosing the replacement for the faucet, get the measurements of the old unit or bring the damaged fixture to local home improvement stores to be sure that the replacement will fit the size of the old shower faucet. To add beauty to the place, purchase a replacement made from materials that will suit the design and style of the bathroom.

Locating the Water Supply

After purchasing a replacement for the faulty shower faucet, the next step is to locate and cut off the supply of water in the bathroom. The source of water supply depends on the architecture of the house. Some houses have water supply valves in the bathroom and others have the valves in the basement.

Removing the Faulty Shower Faucet

Removing the faulty shower faucet is very easy. To avoid experiencing troubles and hassles, get different sizes of pipe wrenches. This bathroom fixture is usually attached to the back of the wall. To replace the fixture, use a pipe wrench remove the wallboard and carefully uninstall the faucet.

Considering the Pipes

When removing the bathroom fixture, it is important to look at the pipes connecting the faucet to the water supply. If the pipes were corroded, it is best to call a professional plumber to replace the old materials. However, if the feed pipes are new, carefully detach the faucet and avoid breaking the pipes. To remove a damaged faucet, unscrew the nuts attaching the fixture to the wall. Replace the faucet with a new unit.

Check the New Faucet

After replacing the old faucet with a new unit, do not forget to turn on the water supply valve to check if the new shower faucet is functioning properly. If there are still leaks, tighten the nuts and screws. If the problem persists, seek help or assistance from plumbers to locate the source of the leaks.

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