How to Draw Anime

Anime is a very popular form of art that started in Japan in 1917. This art form has great influences on Japanese culture as well as world culture. Anime started to become famous to people in other countries when the western adaptations of the television series “Astro Boy” was launched in 2003. With the presence of computer tools, making Japanese animated television series and films became easy. However, to help individuals who want to learn how to draw anime, below are guidelines and steps in illustrating animated characters.

Required Materials

Before proceeding with the simple steps in drawing an anime character, it is important to gather all the needed materials such as a pencil and a paper. Aside from these things, it is best to have an eraser in case you want to remove smudges in the drawing. After getting all the materials, it will be easy for anyone to learn how to draw anime.


Knowing how to draw anime starts with learning the proportions of the body parts of the character. For instance, it is important to know that the head of the character is larger than the head of human. In addition, the shoulders are larger than the shoulders of human. Moreover, the body of this character is usually thinner than human body.

Start with the head. At the center of the paper, draw a circle for the head. Choose the style of the face of the character. Most anime characters have round eyes and large nose. Write a vertical line at the center of the circle and three horizontal lines crossing the vertical line, one at the top, center and bottom. The lines will be helpful in drawing the mouth, nose and eyes of the character. Draw the parts of the face. Choose a hairstyle that will suit the character.

Draw the neck and shoulders of the anime. Make a horizontal oval at the bottom of the shoulders for the chest. Make oval shapes at the outer left and outer right part of the chest for the arms. Draw a circle at the end of the arms to create hands.

At the lower portion of the chest, connect an oval shape for the body of the anime. For the legs of the anime, draw two vertical oval shapes at the lower portion of the body. Finally, connect horizontal oval shapes for the feet. Finish the illustration by drawing shoes and clothes of the character. Use the eraser to clean the illustration. Remove the smudges and unnecessary lines in the drawing.

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