How to Draw a Rose

A Rose is one of the most alluring flowers that symbolize love and passion. Express your artistic skills by knowing how to draw a rose. By following the simple steps and tips, it will be easy for you to know the basics in making a beautiful illustration of the flower.

Needed Materials

To avoid having troubles, get all the needed materials before starting this activity. The important materials in this project are a thick paper and a pencil. To draw the illustration easily, amateurs are advised to use a number two pencil. The other materials that will be useful in the activity are a light pen and an eraser.


The steps in drawing or illustrating a rose are simple and easy to follow. The initial step is to make an outline for the drawing. Make a diagonal line at the lower area of the paper. Afterwards, draw another diagonal line that crosses the first line. These lines represent the stems of the rose. Draw a horizontal oval shape at the tip of each line to represent the flower. For the stems of the leaves, draw arcs along the diagonal lines. Sketch curved lines to outline the leaves of the rose.

Draw curve lines inside the circles to represent the petals of the flower. Make sure that the lines overlap. Look at illustrations of roses to have an idea about how the petals of the flower look like. Draw another line beside the stems. Draw jagged lines when following the outlines of the leaves. Sketch a curved line at the center of each leaf to represent the vein. Sketch curved lines along the stems to represent the thorns.

Add the other details of the flower by drawing more veins in the leaves and sketching more lines to represent the petals of the rose. Use a light pen to shade the petals and leaves of the flower.

Tips and Warnings

To make the illustration more realistic, use a charcoal to sketch the different parts of the flower. It is also important to use a clean and white paper to emphasize the illustration. Always remember to highlight the lines as well as the texture of the rose if you want to make the drawing in a grayscale. When doing the outline and details of the drawing, refer to pictures or photographs of a rose to know the parts that needs to be highlighted.