How to Eat Snow Crab Legs

Consuming snow crab legs can be tricky at times. Despite its pleasant and super delicious taste and flavor, eating this delicious dish can be messy and hard at times, especially for those who barely know and lack the skill to do the job. For this reason, it is but good to know how to eat snow crab legs.

Materials Needed

When people know how to eat snow crab legs, they can easily enjoy and appreciate such special treat. The materials for this simple task include lemon wedges, which can add an enticing taste to the dish. Likewise, melted butter also goes well with such appetizing treat. Furthermore, pick out hard to reach meat of crab using a fork or crab pick.


There are many ways to eat snow crab legs. Simply pull the legs off from the body. In each leg, there are two joints. Break the bigger joint. Slowly pull the two broken pieces. Sometimes, the crabmeat goes out instantaneously. If this happens, separate the meat and put it right into a plate. Add flavor to it by squeezing the wedges of lemon right into the meat. Get the melted butter and then dip the meat before eating. Savor the delectable and yummy taste of this exquisite seafood dish.

When the meat does not come out after breaking the joints, cracking the shell is the best thing to do. Do not crush the shell too much. Apply pressure that is just enough to crack the shell. Slowly take the cracks off little by little until the meat is entirely exposed. Give the dish an added pleasant taste by squeezing the lemon wedges right into the meat. Dip it in melted butter. Eat, appreciate and enjoy the delightful taste and goodness of this simple yet highly delicious treat.

Some of the meat can be found at hard to reach parts and shells. Use the crab pick to take them. For those who do not have crab pick, simply use fork in exchange for such tool. Do the same thing afterwards to the meat using the lemon wedges. Add melted butter and then eat.

Additional Tips and Information

People can use fork instead of crab pick. After enjoying the dish, cleaning is very important. Remove the crab flavor off your hands by using tissue or any brand of hand wipe. More importantly, go to the sink and then wash the flavor off your hands using water and soap.