How to Grow Ginger

The first step in growing ginger is to prepare the things you will need. Here is a list of the materials for the task:

  • Ginger roots
  • Potting soil
  • Planting containers
  • Garden trowels and garden spades
  • Fertilizers
  • Compost makers

Steps to Grow Ginger

  1. When all the materials are ready, prepare your planting container. It should be able to hold around three average-sized gingers. You can use a container that is around 12 inches deep and 14 inches across. Your container should have good drainage.
  2. Fill your container with potting soil. Make sure that you use the right amount of compost. Then, soak the ginger overnight in moderately warm water. The following morning, set the ginger in the pot, just below the soil surface. Provide even spaces between the gingers and make the buds face upwards.
  3. Spring is the best time to plant because ginger likes warm temperatures. Place the container in light shade. During this stage, monitor the temperature. Water the plants lightly. Increase the amount of water when the ginger starts growing. Keep the plant dry during the winter season. This should be done because the ginger plant is dormant during the cold season. When the temperature reaches 50 degrees F, you will need to move the plant outside.
  4. You also need to provide the plants with protection against strong winds. This will prevent the plants from being damaged. The plants will reach maturity within ten months to one year. During this stage, they will be around two to four feet.