How to Grow Grass

Grass can make or break your lawn, so it is really important that you know how to keep it growing healthy. Planting grass may be easy; maintaining it is the challenging part.

Start Anew

You should get rid of the old grass before you plant new ones. Use a leveller to get rid of the pesky grass from your area. After levelling, edge the corners and ends of the lawn to achieve a crisp and clean look.

Phosphorus is one of the more important nutrients that you should feed your grass. You can purchase phosphorus at a local greenhouse or garden specialty store.

Till the soil before and after you have fertilized it. Mix the fertilizer well before applying it so that it will spread through the different layers of the soil. After spreading the fertilizer all over the garden, you should till the soil again to ensure that the soil
conditioner has been mixed well.


You can either use a seed spreader or plant the grass with your bare hands. By using a seed spreader, you can be sure that you are planting the grass efficiently. Planting the grass with your hands can also achieve the same results; the only difference is that it can be a bit more tiring and time-consuming.

Whatever method you choose, just make sure that you spread the seeds evenly so that the grass growth will be balanced. You don’t want grass to become clustered on several parts of your lawn or garden.

After spreading the grass seeds, sprinkle them with water. Do not drown your grass with water; a light sprinkle or mist will be enough to keep them growing healthily. Remember to water your grass everyday, especially during the warm and humid seasons.