How to Grow Poppies

As soon as the shells of Poppy seeds seem like they will crack and the seeds turn black, it is time to harvest and sow them. Harden them before you put them out during spring or late summer. The seeds should be placed under partial shade.

Steps to Grow Poppies

  1. Gather the fresh seeds and plant them in nutrient-rich soil. Sow them sparsely so you will have less to thin. These seeds will take root in 10-21 days and will thrive best in cool and moist soil. They will not grow in very warm places.
  2. You should plant the seeds in individual pots to allow ample space for growth. Cover them with gentle and weightless sand and never allow them to dry out. Put in organic material like manure or compost.
  3. Keep the seeds cool. If you wish to grow them indoors, sow them from December to February and spray them with water in fine mist form. Germination shall take place from two weeks to a few months.
  4. While the seeds are just coming up, look out for fungus (when seeds are moist). To prevent this, make sure that the seeds are properly ventilated and that they don’t become too wet. One way to prevent this phenomenon is to lightly stroke your hand over the top of the plants every day.
  5. Mulch after planting to enrich the soil, prevent unwarranted erosion or evaporation, inhibit weed growth, and maintain moisture. Fertilize the poppies once a month to encourage steady growth.
  6. Poppies reproduce by division. Carefully lift out the mature poppy. Then delicately pull it apart and replant. Wait a few years before reproducing the plant.
  7. Seeds will not grow if the climate is too warm. If it’s warm, it’s good to plant the seeds in peat pellets and place them inside a refrigerator for seven days. They will not sprout inside, but they will when you take them. This is a great technique to make seeds develop well in warm climate.

Poppies grown indoors can be planted during fall, but they should be kept cool. Poppies grown outside should be cultivated in good soil that is not too wet. Poppy will grow fast and will blossom early on to mid summer. Poppies can also grow well outside during the winter.