How to Grow Tomatoes

There are more than 20,000 kinds of tomatoes in the plant kingdom, so be careful when choosing which one you will plant.

After you have chosen the perfect variant, you should follow these four easy steps to grow your tomatoes.

Steps to Grow Tomatoes

  1. Choose a Suitable Site
  2. Tomatoes crave heat. Choose an area that gets full sun exposure. Tomatoes taste best when they have received a lot of warmth so protect your tomatoes from cold breezes with a wall or a shed.

    You have to make sure that the soil you will be planting in has a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0. Also, make sure that the soil is very clean. Tomatoes are prone to diseases and you can only avoid them if the soil is debris-free.

  3. Buff up the Soil
  4. When you have chosen the best site for your tomatoes, enrich the soil using compost. Tomatoes love organic-matter-rich soil. Prepare crushed egg shells for additional fertilizer because they contain the calcium that your tomatoes need.

    After that, you move the seedlings to the garden when the temperature exceeds 50 F at night.

  5. Plant your Seedlings
  6. First, hollow out a hole about the size of a soccer ball for each seedling. Add an ample amount of compost and a quarter cup of the crushed egg shells to every hole. Make the plant-to-plant space range from 1ft-2ft apart. Jab them deeply so the roots can develop freely.

    After that, install a paper “collar” (simply punch a hole in the center of a round piece of paper with a 9-in diameter) to keep cutworms off. Cover each plant with a cloche to protect it from insects and the cold weather.

    You can remove the covers only when the weather has turned warm. Then mulch the plant’s soil and install twigs that the plant may need as it grows. For maintenance, water the plants sufficiently every week, and spray compost tea four times. When the flowers start appearing, it needs more crucial attention. Wait for the fruits. When they turn glossy, firm, and even-colored, they’re ready to be picked.