How to Kill a Tree

Killing a tree does not mean that you are against Mother Earth. Sometimes, trees have to be killed because they are infested with tree beetles or fungus, are becoming obstructive, or are left damaged by storms or typhoons.

The most common and obvious way to kill a tree is by using a chainsaw. If you don’t own a chainsaw, you can buy one at your nearest hardware store.

Steps to Kill a Tree

  1. Start cutting the tree down, most preferably just a few inches above its stump.
  2. Cut it into smaller sections because you can not readily dispose it as is. This process will take about just an hour or two if you will use a chainsaw.
  3. You can get rid of the chopped tree by either putting it in the local dump or using it as firewood. You could also get rid of the remains of the tree by burning it, but check with the local authorities first before you start an open fire. Open fires are not allowed in many counties.

A More Eco-Friendly Way

The use of herbicides is another way to kill a tree. Although this method may be more time consuming than other tree killing methods, it is known to be more eco-friendly.

Studies have shown that herbicides are really safe in removing or killing a tree. Herbicides come with instructions. Be sure to follow them accurately to prevent harming nearby vegetations with chemical spray.

Stump Removal

After cutting down a tree, you will be left with its stump. It is really difficult to get rid of a stump all by yourself so the best thing you can do is to contact stump grinders who will do it for you.

However, hiring stump grinders may cost you some money. If you don’t really want to shell out money, you might as well be creative and find a use for the stump. You can start by hollowing out the center of the stump and then filling it with soil. After you have filled it with soil, use the tree stump as a natural pot.