How to Make Hair Bows

One of the best ways that young girls and women use to express themselves, particularly their fashion sense, is through hair bows. They can comfortably wear these trendy, cool and inexpensive accessories either in ordinary days or more so in special events. These things are guaranteed to make them stand out above the rest in almost any occasion that they wish to attend to.

Materials Needed

It is very easy to learn how to make hair bows. A regular ribbon can actually do the job, which is one of the most famous materials in making hair accessories. As alternatives, ladies can also use other items like a barrette, a piece of silk or satin.


Although there are many ways that people can use to learn how to make hair bows, the use of ribbon is the most popular. This particular material is very easy to find, less expensive than other fashion accessories and highly attractive. Select the right color that looks good on you. Primarily, colors like baby pink and light blue looks good on people with fair skin.

Get a bulk of hair on top of your head. Get the ribbon and then position the hair right at the middle of it. Simply tie a knot to hold the strands of hair together. It is very important to keep the knot firm and secure in order for the hair bow to last for a longer time.

To give the ribbon an added personal touch and flavor, learn how to form some loops on top of the knot. This thing is not that hard to do. Use one hand to hold one end of the ribbon. Do the same thing to the other end. Position and bind the strands of hair at the center part of the material. Use a simple knot to hold the hair. After one knot, create a couple of loops on top of it. Put the loops in overlapping position, with one on top and the other underneath. Tie another knot without letting go of the loops. This style looks good, cute and very feminine.

For those who wish to make a headband hair bow, put the ribbon along the hairline with the ends at the upper part of the head. Tie a simple knot on top. This must be enough to hold the hair in position. Create a couple of loops once again after the first knot. Tie the loops together and then simply adjust the edges and loops accordingly.

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