How to Repair a Roof Leak

After longer periods, roofs tend to develop rust. This will eventually lead to cracks and leaks. When rainy season comes, houses are susceptible to ruined furniture, damaged electronics and compromised electrical wirings. Upon first signs of such problems, be sure to learn how to repair a roof leak and prevent these discomforts and inconveniences from happening before they cause further damages.

Materials Needed

For people who wish to learn how to repair a roof leak, the materials needed for the job are quite simple. They must have gloves, roof patches and trowel. Likewise, bring in roofing cement, any kind of knife and rags. Brush with metal bristles, nails and hammers as well as weighted markers are important for the completion of this task. Shoes with flat soles and binoculars can also help in the success of this particular project.


Before fixing the holes, cracks and leaks on the roof, locate and mark them first. Get the binoculars and spot them from inside the house. Be sure to cover the entire roof in the process. For this step, it is better if there are two persons present. One of them is to spot the holes from below, while assign the other one to mark the holes on top of the roof.

When walking through the roof, wear only flat-soled footwear. Doing this can prevent adding further damages to the cracks and holes. Use the weighted objects to mark the leaks. While at the top of the roof, search for other holes that may have been skipped by the spotter below. Be sure to look for gaps, worn out cement seals and other repairable damages.

Another way of spotting leaks is by going through the attic. Once inside, search for puddles of water. These are major indications of holes, cracks and leaks. Get the rags and then wipe these wet parts dry. Use the brush with metal bristles to remove worn-out cement seals, dirt and other debris. Mix the roofing cement using the trowel. Apply it on every gap, hole or crack. Make sure that all leaks are covered.

For bigger holes, gaps and cracks, use roof patches to cover them completely. Remove worn out parts and then cover them with the patches. Apply sufficient amount of roof cement in order for the materials to last longer. For a more reliable result, cover each crack or gap with two or more layers of roof patches. This will guarantee longer lasting results. Enjoy the convenience provided by your leak-free roofs.

Additional Tips and Information

Wear only footwear with flat soles whenever on top of the roof. This will apply less pressure while walking on top of the roof. Slowly walk from one part to another. Do not rush things as this may compromise your safety as well as the quality of the work at hand. Further damages can be prevented by following these important steps. In addition, use gloves to protect those gentle hands while doing this task.