How to Stop a Common Cold

Steps on how to stop a common cold are quite easy to follow. In fact, they sometimes seem to pamper the patient—rest, fruit juices, green tea, and many other refreshing remedies. As a cure for sneezing, each of these remedies often provides a soothing answer on how to stop a common cold.

The common cold remedy is to take an analgesic or paracetamol every four hours and take a rest. The same with sneezing, which often signals the start of a cold. The traditional cure for sneezing is also take the same mentioned medicines. Aside from this proven cure, which sometimes need doctor’s approval, there are other simpler solutions on how to stop a common cold.

Drink Lots of Liquids

A very effective and often suggested remedy is drinking lots of liquids. But beware. Liquids here do not include softdrinks, beers, or liquors. Neither do they mean powdered fruit juices or even freshly squeezed fruit juiced sweetened with white sugar. A tip on how to stop a common cold is to avoid any intoxicating drink or those with white sugar content. White sugar weakens the immune system. Thus, it is advisable to opt instead to drink lots of pure alkaline water as a cure for sneezing, or fresh fruit juices without sugar.

Vitamin C Supplements

Take sodium ascorbate instead of ascorbic acid when deciding on how to stop a common cold. Ascorbic Acid sometimes irritates the stomach by triggering acidity. Some sodium ascorbate pills are alkaline based so they do not cause stomach acidity. They are a perfect cure for sneezing and common colds. So, the next time one decides to take Vitamin C, opt for the non-acidic type, like sodium ascorbate.

Natural Vitamin C in Fruits

Another recommendable option on how to stop a common cold is eat lots of fruits rich in Vitamin C. Like oranges, apples, grapes, and guavas. However, health experts say the right time to take Vitamin C is before any illness sets in, not after. Nonetheless, at the first sign of an illness, it’s still a good cure for sneezing and a remedy on how to stop a common cold. As they say, it is better late than never. At least, the illness will be contained or cut short.

Hot Tea with a Pinch of Lemon

Finally, nothing probably beats the concoction of hot green tea and lemon against the onslaught of a sneeze reinforced by a common cold. While taking a full rest relaxing, leisurely sip a cup of hot green tea with a squeeze of lemon or orange. Sniff in the vapor the concoction produces. This relieves the swelling sinus and clears stuffy nose, at the same time that drinking the brew reduces irritation in the throat and fixes the common cold. Green tea, by the way, is a know natural antiseptic. So it is among the best thing on how to stop a common cold.

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