How to Unlock MySpace

MySpace is one of the social networking sites that many computer users like to access. This website allows people to contact and communicate with their relatives and friends with the use of the Internet. To help students and professionals focus their attentions on their studies and works, some schools and offices block this website. Below are the simple procedures that computer users can follow to know how to unlock MySpace.

The Use of Proxy Site

The most popular method of unlocking the web page is by using a proxy site. The site functions as a mirror web page, which allows people to access blocked websites without knowing the true IP addresses that they use. The initial step to unlock MySpace with the use of proxy site is to look for free proxy servers. One of the most famous proxies that can be used to access the social networking site is A MySpace Proxy. After finding a proxy to be used, type MySpace’s URL in the proxy site and press enter.

The Use of Google

Aside from using a proxy site, computer users can lock the social networking site by accessing the famous search engine Google. Caching is one of the features of this search engine, which is very helpful in unlocking MySpace. Launch the search engine and type ‘MySpace’ in the search box. Press enter and look at the result that contains the URL of the web page. Click ‘cache’ at the lower portion of the result to access the site.

The Use of IP Address

Another effective method that computer users can try to unlock MySpace is by identifying the IP address that the web site uses. Determining MySpace’s IP address may be difficult because it constantly changes. Use search engines like Google and Yahoo! to look for the IP address that the administrator of the web site uses. Type the IP address in the URL bar and press enter to lock the web page.

Bypassing Filters

If all of the methods discussed above still do not work and fail to unlock MySpace, then it is best to look for web pages or sites that offer services that can bypass net filters. These sites allow computer users to access restricted and blocked websites by using anonymous IP addresses. Aside from these, users can also visit web pages that offer redirection services. To know the sites that offer these services, people can search the URL of these web pages through reliable search engines.

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