How to Make a Rabbit Hutch

Start by making a layout of your hutch. You can make this process easier for by inquiring from the pet store or hardware if they have any rabbit hutch plans or layouts available. With those, you can enjoy the convenience of an illustrated guide.

A regular wire cage is needed for indoor rabbit housing. Using a ready-built cage as the base of the rabbit hutch will save you from dangers, risks, hassle, and wasted effort. You can just buy the wire cages available at farming supply centers or pet shops.

If you want to make your own wire cage for the base of the rabbit hutch, secure 4 legs to the plywood by striking a nail into them. Wrap the wire around all four legs in straight lines. Leave one inch of space in between each line. Secure them tightly and trim the loose ends using your wire cutter.

Remember, always use rubber gloves whenever you are working with wire.

Then, take your 2×2 plywood and utilize it to build a frame around the cage (which you either made or procured). This support frame makes your rabbit hutch better suited for outdoor use or for placing in a barn. It also makes the hutch a sturdier one.

Construct the legs of your rabbit hutch with four 2×4 wood pieces, Most rabbit enthusiasts and experts recommend making the legs at least 3 feet in height. This will facilitate the easier cleaning and maintenance of your hutch.

Decide on the site where you would like to position the newly created rabbit hutch. Fix the legs into this spot using a hammer and nails.

To complete your rabbit hutch, construct its plywood roof. A hinged roof is much better compared to a piece of plywood laid over the top of the hutch. Build the roof slanted to prevent the rain from collecting on it.

You can add accessories to the hutch. A wise add-on to your hatch is a retractable pan that will collect your rabbit’s waste. Placing a clear plastic cover over the hutch helps prevent other elements from getting inside it.