How to Perform Hotmail Password Recovery

Hotmail is a part of the MSN brand of services. It is a free web-based e-mail tool that allows users to create accounts where they can send, receive and store e-mails. The user needs to create an account which stores their information and e-mails with a user ID and password.

Users who lose their password can still retrieve them.

Recovery Method

  1. There is a link on the log-in page that says “Forgot Hotmail password?”. Click on the link and you will be directed to another webpage. The webpage will contain a field for your e-mail address. Type in the field the e-mail address you chose for your hotmail account.
  2. After you enter your e-mail address, you will be asked to copy a verification code. This code is used to make sure that you are not an automated program used to hack into e-mail addresses. The verification code consists of a picture with distorted characters. Enter these characters into the field box provided. At times, it can be an audio message that gives the alpha-numeric sequence of characters. After verifying, click the continue button.
  3. The next page will show you two options. You can choose to have the instructions sent to your alternate e-mail or you may opt to provide your account details. The first option requires that you have added an alternate e-mail address in the creation of your account. An alternate e-mail address is another e-mail account where alerts about the new e-mail account will be sent. This is an optional part of creating an account.
  4. If you choose to reset your password manually, you will be asked to confirm personal details, including your secret question. The secret question is chosen when you create an account. You are given a list of questions referring to your personal life. You choose an answer while creating your account. During resetting the password, you will have to choose the secret question you chose while creating the account. You must enter the same answer you chose at the time you signed-up for the services.
  5. After keying-in the correct personal information and answering the secret question, you will be taken to the password reset page. You will be asked to key-in your new password and re-type it for verification. There is also an option to have the password expire automatically in 3 months.