How To Set Linksys Router Default Passwords

A router is a computing device used to set-up wired or wireless networks. Wired networks (also called LAN or Local Access Networks) are connected using wires which connect directly to a number of computers. For wireless networks (also called Wireless LAN), the connection is made with signals similar to radio waves. Networks allow several computers to share resources and files. It is often used to link a group of computers located in the same area. One brand of router used is Linksys.

When you set up a Linksys router, it already comes with a default password. The administrator account of the Linksys router has a password that is openly recognized and documented. You have to enter the login username and password to set up a home network router. The default login information depends on the model of Linksys router you are using.

  • Linksys BEFW11S4 – username is “admin”, and no password is required.
  • Linksys WRT54G – username and the password is “admin.”
  • Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Ethernet routers – username is “Administrator,” and no password is needed.
  • Linksys Comcast routers – username is “comcast” and the password is “1234.”
  • other Linksys routers – “admin” as the default password, with the username left blank when prompted for the settings.

Change the default login settings by going to the management tab then changing the password. Enable the Wireless Encryption Protocol security key to keep others from tapping into your network. Key in a passphrase and enter “Generate” to require a username and password to any user trying to connect to your router.

If you forget the login settings, reset the password of the router to its factory default. Use a pointed pen to hold and press down the reset button of the router (located at the back of most routers) for at least 30 seconds. Wait for the Power, Internet, and WLAN lights to turn on, then turn your DSL modem on. Log-in and reconfigure your Linksys router.

You can reconfigure your router by connecting the computer to one of its Ethernet ports, open a web browser and enter the URL into the address bar. Enter the default username and password in the popup box that appears. This completes reconfiguration.

Once again, go to the management tab and change the login information settings. This time, do not forget your new password and username.

Although you can change these default login settings after your first use, it is not required. You can personalize the username and password since the default login information allows others to access the routing system.