Personal Concierge

A personal concierge is a caretaker of an apartment or a lodging establishment who usually lives within the premises of the property. This person keeps track of individuals who enter and leave the property. He also carries out maintenance services within and around the building. A concierge also takes care of the luggage and mail. He or she also makes reservations and arrangements for certain events on behalf of his client.

If you own an apartment and you would like to have a concierge of your own, you can start screening applicants. You can contact a concierge service in your area so that they can send you one with guaranteed experience. You can also place an advertisement and look for a concierge on your own.

Before hiring an applicant for the position, try to meet them. Conduct a short interview and ask each one about work experiences. Get their qualifications and character references. Check their background and get feedback from past employers. Get all their pertinent clearances and information. You can also try searching for their name online to see if there is anything alarming that might catch your eye.

After you’ve made your choice, begin discussing the rates for the service. When you have agreed on the terms of services, you can sign the working contract.

Give your new concierge an orientation regarding your day-to-day procedures and commitments. Describe clearly what you want them to do. State the steps to be carried out during unexpected events. When dealing with a new concierge, choose which pieces of information to disclose and which ones to keep private as you are not sure how long your concierge would last as your employee.