How to Build a Sandbox

Sandboxes, also known as sandpits, are low and wide containers filled with sand where children can play. It is one of the easiest and cheapest playground equipment to make. Several homeowners and parents have taken up the project to provide their children with an accessible play area.

To build a sandbox, you must first gather the following tools and materials:

  • medium sized logs or wooden sheets
  • nails or bolts
  • river sand (a much cleaner alternative to regular construction sand)
  • weed fabric
  • hammer or drill


Steps in Building a Sandbox


  1. Construct a rectangular box, which is open at the top, using the logs or the wooden sheets. It should be wide enough for the children to move freely and low enough for them not to feel jailed. Fasten the logs or wooden sheets with nails or bolts. You have the option to make the bottom open and attach the frame directly to the soil. However, this goes with the possibility of mixing sand with soil, such that kids may dig deeper and deeper into it.
  2. Cover the flooring and half of the wall with weed fabric. This is done to prevent the sand from dripping into the little gaps between the logs or the wooden sheets.
  3. Fill the box with sand up to where the weed fabric has covered. You can use ordinary sand, or you can avail of the special sandbox sand, which can be bought at toy shops.
  4. Remember to check the logs or wooden sheets for anything that might prick or wound your kids. Smooth the surface with sandpaper.

You may vary the shape of the sandbox depending on the shape that you like. You can create a triangle or a pentagon sandbox, or, if you have the skills, you can shape the sandbox into an animal familiar to your kids.

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