How to Build a Screen Door

Screen doors are those with a wire or plastic screen, instead of wood or metal, attached to the frame. These doors are often installed on the outside of a door frame and in front of a wooden door. The door adds an additional barrier to the entrance of the house while allowing residents to have a clear view of visitors who may be waiting outside. Some people install it in place of a peep hole so that they can see anyone knocking on their door. Some homeowners install screen doors so that the main door could be opened to let a breeze into the house while keeping insects away.


Materials Needed


  • paint or varnish
  • polyurethane glue
  • frame for screen door
  • paintbrush
  • aluminum insect screening mesh
  • disposable glue brushes
  • 1×1 lumber (for cleats)
  • 1-inch nails


Tools Needed


  • staples
  • nails
  • staple gun
  • hammer
  • tape measure
  • lumber
  • 10c sized clamps
  • screen molding
  • knife
  • chisel
  • circular saw


Step By Step Instructions


  1. Arrange the needed parts of the screen door for easy access. Label the pieces of lumber so that you won’t get them mixed up with another piece.
  2. Position the lumber boards in such a way that would hold the saw in place, and then maneuver it into the right direction. Screw a board into two other boards at a 90 degree angle, making sure you screw them together horizontally.
  3. To help keep the jig-square in its proper place, you could make two lower boards riveted on the workbench. The cutting depth should be half the thickness of the main board. Cut one line at a time and continuously remove all the debris and sawdust in between the lines.
  4. To smooth out the joints of the wood, use a chisel.
  5. You are now ready to assemble the door. Put the parts together to make sure they all fit together. After checking their alignments, secure the different parts using polyurethane glue.
  6. Clamp the joints together using the 10c sized C-clamps. Before tightening the clamps, check if each joint forms a perfect square.
  7. After putting the clamps in place, make sure the door is a perfect square and all the diagonals are equal with each other. Let the glue dry first before moving on to the next step.
  8. Paint the wood or frame if desired.
  9. Spread the screen mesh on the door and pin it at the bottom and top parts. The screen should be spread properly until it is taut and wrinkle-free.
  10. Staple the screen to the frame with stiles. Using a sharp knife, trim the edges until you achieve a smooth-looking edge.
  11. Place the screen molding around the edges of the screen to hide the staples.

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