Stucco Houses

A stucco house is a model which uses stucco as the main material for its construction. Stucco is a construction material primarily made of an aggregate, a binder, and water. Those who build this type of house apply stucco while it is wet. It eventually hardens when it dries. Stucco is used for coating ceilings and walls. It is normally spread in a decorative manner.

Similar to other types of homes, stucco houses need to have a strong foundation. Earthen foundation is commonly used in stucco houses. However, this depends on the climate of the area where the house will be built. Cement can also be used as a foundation for stucco houses.

Intricately designed frames can be installed by builders of stucco houses. Although framing differs from one stucco house to another, each house contains a system for walls and insulation. Wire mesh system is now used in the stucco houses’ framing. Wire mesh properly accepts stucco and it does not rot like wooden boards.

Stucco houses do not require too much cleaning and maintenance. They only need to be cleaned annually. Stucco houses with light colors need to be cleaned more than those with darker colors. A pump-up sprayer is used to clean smaller areas of stucco. You can use a power washer attached to a hose for larger areas.