How to Build a Wrestling Ring

A wrestling ring allows contestants to fall down suddenly. It should be built on a clean, level surface free of sharp or hard objects.

The materials and tools needed are:

  • plywood
  • scissors or knife
  • measuring tape
  • sewing machine
  • foam
  • ropes or bungee cords
  • waterproof material
  • post hole digger
  • four corner posts
  • hooks
  • cement or dirt.

Instructions for building the wrestling ring:

  1. Decide on the dimensions of your ring. This will depend on the amount of space available. Use a measuring tape to get the sizes of the different parts of the ring.
  2. Cut out the foam for the bottom part of the ring according to the ring’s size and shape. The foam must be at least 2 inches thick to cushion any falls. If the available foam is not as thick as two inches, you can stick thinner pieces of foam on top of each other until the foam reaches the recommended thickness.
  3. Wrap the foam in a waterproof material. You can stitch tarps together using a sewing machine to cover all of the foam. Sew the edges of the foam together to prevent it from getting wet when it rains.
  4. On the ground, put a piece of plywood with the same measurements as that of the foam. The plywood will serve as the base of your mat. Lay and glue the foam on the plywood. After making your mat, it’s time to frame the ring.
  5. Using a post hole digger, burrow a hole at each corner of the plywood. The depth of the hole should be at least a foot so that the corners do not move. Distribute the four corner posts into each hole. Fill the holes with cement or dirt.
  6. In the same way you covered the plywood, cover each corner post. You can stick 2-inch thick foam on the posts using glue or elastic bands.
  7. Use the bungee ropes to form the outer boundary of the ring. Fix the hooks of the cords to the outer corner of each post. The number of hooks will depend on the number of ropes you desire. Usually, three to five ropes are used.

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