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How to Draw a Cat

To draw a cat, you will need pencil, paper, and eraser.

Below are simple instructions for you to draw a cat:

  1. Create a horizontal oval shape to represent the head of the cat. Avoid making the head too oval.
  2. On top of the head, draw two semi-pointy ears.
  3. Draw three horizontal lines across the circle for the nose, eyes and mouth.
  4. Draw two ovals along the horizontal lines that you drew for the eyes.
  5. For the iris, draw a smaller oval inside the eyes.
  6. For the nose, create a small letter V proportional to the size of the cat’s face.
  7. From the tip of the small letter V, draw a tiny vertical line. Draw an inverted 3 at the tip of that line.
  8. You can now add finishing touches on the cat’s face by drawing fuzzy hair and whiskers around the face.
  9. When you finish the face, start drawing the cat’s body. Make a big oval – the placement of the oval depends on where you want your cat to face. You can place the oval directly under the head, on the right or on the left side of the head.
  10. Sketch two pairs of angled legs close to each other.
  11. Make the stomach more curved and fuzzy so that the body and the head appear closer to each other.
  12. Sketch the cat’s paws, making the angled legs look more soft and curvy.
  13. The upper part of the back legs should look like a letter U.
  14. To make the cat look thinner, draw the lines for the body in a more curved and shapely manner.
  15. Add finishing touches such as fuzzy hair on the different parts of the cat.
  16. For the tail, draw a thick letter S and then draw some hair and fuzz as desired.

Drawing a cat may be a bit difficult for beginners, but with enough practice, you can become a pro. While it is true that the best way to learn how to draw a cat is by starting with basic positions, practicing it often will allow you later on to draw more complicated cat positions.