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How to Convert Rm to Dvd

RealMedia or RM is a container format that stores audio and video content. RM is widely used to stream music and videos online. RM is, however, not compatible with standalone DVD players. If you would like to watch your video in an external device you will need to convert your current RM file to DVD. To do this you will need a specialized program to perform the conversion. The programs WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and Xilisoft will be used to demonstrate the process.

Required Materials and Tools
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe/Xilisoft Converter
RM File(s)

Converting RM to DVD using WinX HD

1. Install WinX HD Converter. This can be downloaded for free from the official website. The file is small allowing for quick installation. Follow the setup guide that comes with the package and install the program. Once it has been installed, the interface will automatically launch.
2. Click on the Add file button to import your RM file(s). Browse the list of RM files and select the one you would like to convert.
3. After you have selected your file click on the DVD option, which is located in the centre of the user interface.
4. You may then change the settings to determine the quality of your DVD. You may alter the Audio/Video quality, video frame rate, Audio/Video codec, video resolution and audio sample quality.
5. Once you have made modifications to the settings click the Start button to begin converting the RM file to DVD. You will be given the option to either shut down the computer once the DVD file is created or to automatically open the output folder once the conversion is complete.
6. When the process is finished, open the DVD’s destination folder and preview the results.

Converting RM to DVD using Xilisoft

Xilisoft will perform the conversion without affecting the quality of the current RM file. Additionally, you will be able to convert several types of audio and video formats.

1. Download Xilisoft from the official website. Follow the setup instructions to complete the installation.
2. Open the program by double clicking on Quick Start.
3. Open the RM file you would like to convert by clicking on the Add button.
4. Choose the DVD option. This will produce a DVD output file.
5. Choose a destination folder for your newly created DVD file.
6. Click the Encode option to begin converting the DVD.

Tips and Warnings

Always preview the results after the file has been converted. This ensures that there are no flaws in the output file. If you are dissatisfied with the quality, convert the file once more but with different settings. The original RM file will still be available after the conversion unless you deleted it or chose to overwrite it during the process.

The time taken to complete each conversion will vary and will largely depend on the size of the individual RM file and speed of your CPU.

Do not shut down your computer before the conversion is finished. This may result in unexpected errors.

How to Unlock MySpace

MySpace is one of the social networking sites that many computer users like to access. This website allows people to contact and communicate with their relatives and friends with the use of the Internet. To help students and professionals focus their attentions on their studies and works, some schools and offices block this website. Below are the simple procedures that computer users can follow to know how to unlock MySpace.

The Use of Proxy Site

The most popular method of unlocking the web page is by using a proxy site. The site functions as a mirror web page, which allows people to access blocked websites without knowing the true IP addresses that they use. The initial step to unlock MySpace with the use of proxy site is to look for free proxy servers. One of the most famous proxies that can be used to access the social networking site is A MySpace Proxy. After finding a proxy to be used, type MySpace’s URL in the proxy site and press enter.

The Use of Google

Aside from using a proxy site, computer users can lock the social networking site by accessing the famous search engine Google. Caching is one of the features of this search engine, which is very helpful in unlocking MySpace. Launch the search engine and type ‘MySpace’ in the search box. Press enter and look at the result that contains the URL of the web page. Click ‘cache’ at the lower portion of the result to access the site.

The Use of IP Address

Another effective method that computer users can try to unlock MySpace is by identifying the IP address that the web site uses. Determining MySpace’s IP address may be difficult because it constantly changes. Use search engines like Google and Yahoo! to look for the IP address that the administrator of the web site uses. Type the IP address in the URL bar and press enter to lock the web page.

Bypassing Filters

If all of the methods discussed above still do not work and fail to unlock MySpace, then it is best to look for web pages or sites that offer services that can bypass net filters. These sites allow computer users to access restricted and blocked websites by using anonymous IP addresses. Aside from these, users can also visit web pages that offer redirection services. To know the sites that offer these services, people can search the URL of these web pages through reliable search engines.

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How to Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

Some people don’t want to have Live Messenger on their computers. The good news is that there are several options open to you on how to uninstall Windows Live Messenger. One option may work for one user while another may not find it useful, which means you have to try the one that works for you.

Why Learn How to Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

There are different reasons why people would want to know how to uninstall Windows Live Messenger. Some people just can’t make out how it works, some don’t like the program, while others find it as a pesky little thing that comes up every time they turn on their computer, and others may simply just unsatisfied with the program. However, take note that there are those who still use this program.

How to Uninstall Windows Live Messenger Using a Hard Drive Image Backup

If you’re computer does not have this program on the onset then you can try this quick fix. Before downloading and installing this instant messenger you should make an image back up of your hard drive. Then you download and install this program and play with it. If you like it you may keep using the program, if not then all you need to do is to restore the backup of your hard drive and you have the program removed without any hassle.

How to Uninstall Windows Live Messenger Using Your Control Panel

The hard thing about this program is that sometimes you just can’t uninstall it from the place you usually go to whenever you want to remove a program. You usually remove programs by going to the Control Panel and then going to Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program if you’ve got Windows Vista.

From there you look for the Live Messenger or Live Essentials on the list of programs you can remove, highlight it, and uninstall it. You then follow the prompts or options that will allow you to remove the whole suite or just the messenger. However, sometimes this option isn’t there. There are those who have complained that they can’t find this program on the list of things you can remove from your computer system. You then go for the third option on how to uninstall Windows Live Messenger.

Uninstalling Live Messenger by Running a Command

Another option on how to uninstall Windows Live Messenger is to run either of the following two commands:

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove


Msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}

The procedure goes:

1. Go to Start then Run (on Windows Vista: Start then type ‘Run’ on Start search then click Run).
2. Type either of the two commands above into the open box.
3. Click OK on the bottom or press Enter.
4. Follow the prompts and you then restart your computer when prompted to.

Some of these options may work for one but it isn’t guaranteed to work for another. This simply means you have to choose the uninstall procedure that works for you.

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How to Turn on JavaScript

With JavaScript on, you can access many of the features in your web browser. Turn on JavaScript and enrich your online surfing experience.

Because it has become a staple in most websites, you must know how to turn on JavaScript. Without it, you’ll be missing out on a lot of what the Net has to offer. Below are instructions for enabling this feature in some of the most popular Web browsers today.

For Netscape Navigator or Communicator

Setting this option is easy. Click the program icon to open it. Choose your profile. When the application loads, go to the Edit menu. Choose Preferences. On the left panel you’ll see several configuration options. Click the plus sign next to “Advanced”. Select “Scripts and Plugins”. Put a check mark next to “Enable JavaScript”. Click OK.

The same process is used to turn on JavaScript in Netscape for the Mac. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences. Go to the “Advanced” tab on the left pane. Click the round button next to “Enable JavaScript”. When you get to the main screen, click “Reload” if necessary.

These procedures work for most versions of Netscape.

For Internet Explorer

Open the program from the Start Menu. Go to the Tools Menu and select Internet Options. Go to the “Security” tab and click it. You’ll see the “Custom Level”. Scroll through the many items until you get to “Scripting”. Enable it and click OK.

If you are a Mac user, do the following to turn on JavaScript. Go to the Edit menu and select Web Content. You’ll see the “Active Content” and next to it, “Enable Scripting”. Put a check mark there. Go back to the main screen. If necessary, click “Refresh”. The page with the script will now load properly.

For Apple Safari

Once you open the program, go to the Safari option in the menu. Select Preferences. Go to the “Security” option and check the “Enable JavaScript” mark. The script will now work without any problems.

For Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and 1.5

For version 1.0, head over to Options in the Tools menu. In Options choose Web Features and put a mark on the “Enable JavaScript” text. Click OK.

The process is different in version 1.5. Go to Tools and choose Options. Select Content and check the “Enable JavaScript” text. There is no need to refresh or restart for the turn on JavaScript option to take effect.

Tips and Warnings

Sometimes you get error messages whether the feature is on or not. Always download the patches for your web browser. If you’re upgrading the browser, check the readme.txt and help files. It might contain vital information.

Also, your online connection might play a part. If it’s choppy, loading the page will take a while. This could result in error messages popping up as well.

Some scripts can inflict damage on your browser. Don’t go to suspicious looking websites. In particular you should avoid sites with pirated software. Although most of these scripts are harmless, you should keep your antivirus software updated.

Learning to turn on JavaScript can make your web browsing easier and smoother. As long as you upgrade all your software, you’ll get to use the script without a hitch.

How to Disable Windows Live Messenger

You’ll only go over a few steps on how to disable Windows Live Messenger. You can go for this option in case you don’t want to remove this program from your computer system. Those who actually use it also have the option to disable the program from starting up after logging on to Windows.

The Microsoft Windows installation CD you just bought or the one that came with your brand new computer may very well have Windows Live Messenger in it. And chances are that it will automatically be installed on your brand new computer or when you install your operating system from the installation CD.

Some people get annoyed by this program and some people just can’t make it work and thus comes the question of how to get rid of it. Your options at this point are either to uninstall the program or disable it. Since you might just want to keep it on your computer system for a while, we’ll go over how to disable Windows Live Messenger.

How to Disable Windows Live Messenger on Windows XP

The steps on how to disable Windows Live Messenger on Windows XP will take only a few steps. First you go to Start then click Run and you’ll have the Run window open with a text box labeled as ‘Open’. Type ‘services.msc’ in the text box and then click on the ‘OK’ button.

A new window will pop up showing a list of various items. Scroll down until you find the one for Live Messenger and double click on it. On the next window select ‘Disabled’ under the Startup type menu. Click ‘Stop’ and then hit ‘OK’.

How to Disable Windows Live Messenger in Windows Vista

If you’re using Windows Vista, you will basically follow the same procedure on how to disable windows live messenger for Windows XP. You’ll only have to go over a minor variation. When you click on the start button you won’t see Run in the start menu. What you need to do is to type ‘Run’ in the Start search box and select Run in the list that comes up. From there you basically just follow the same steps to disable messenger.

How to Disable Windows Live Messenger from Startup.

For those who actually use Live Messenger and just don’t want the program to come up as soon as you boot the computer you have the option to disable this instant messenger from start up. Here are the steps to follow to prevent this program from starting up when you boot your computer:

1. Run Windows Live Messenger either from Start on by clicking on its icon on your desktop.

2. From the drop down menu go to Tools then Options.

3. Go to General

4. Uncheck the option to automatically run Live Messenger when logging on to Windows.

5. Click on the Apply button below and on the next window click OK.

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How to Change your Yahoo Password

Yahoo! Inc. is a company that offers a variety of services online. Users can use these services just by creating a Yahoo account. Creating an account requires the users to give their personal information. This account is linked to a user ID and a password. Users can then log-in to their Yahoo account and use a number of Yahoo services such as e-mail, instant messaging, and others.

Changing the Password

Go to the Yahoo! home page or any Yahoo service page that allows you to log in to your account such as Yahoo! Mail. Log-in by using your user ID and your current password. Yahoo! has recently included 2 new domain names for their e-mail services: and This means that user IDs must now be entered in full, including the domain name for the e-mail address.

Once you’re logged-in, go to the Account Information page. The process for this depends on which page you chose to log-in to the account. If you logged-in to your accounts on the My Yahoo! page, your name is placed at the upper right hand side of the screen. Your name is the link to your account information page.

If you logged in to your account using Yahoo! Mail, you can access the account options page by clicking the options link. This is found as a link at the upper right hand side of the page. It will originally direct you to the mail options page. If you use the beta Yahoo interface, click on the Accounts link placed at the leftmost column of the page. This link will direct you to the Yahoo! Classic interface. Click on ‘add’ or ‘edit an account’ to get there. Click on the Account Information link.

Before you are directed to the Account Information page, you will be asked to verify your identity. Key-in your current password on the directed field. Once you click the Ok button, you will be directed to your Account Information page.

Click on the link that says Change Password. It is located at the top of the page under your name, user ID, and e-mail address. The Change Password page contains the fields to complete along with password guidelines.

The guidelines will ask you to make sure you can remember your password, not to share your password with others, not to repeat old passwords and to use at least six characters. It will also prompt you to use their strong password recommendations like using a mixture of large and small letters, using numbers or using special characters.

Choose your password following Yahoo’s guidelines. Type your current password in the appropriate field. Place your chosen password in the next two boxes. Click the Save button if you’re okay with the changes or click Cancel if you do not want to push through with the change.

How to Solve the Internet Explorer Script Error

Internet Explorer is a web browser from Microsoft. It is a GUI (graphical user interface) program that allows users to browse the World Wide Web. Script errors can occur in the program when you have problems loading a Webpage. This can be caused by problems with the connection or when running a client-side script from a site.

Some errors can be the result of setbacks done by Web developers who executed the script on the Web page. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do to solve the error. There are, however, other errors that you can fix on the computer.

Errors that can be Repaired from your Computer

  1. Outdated scripting engine
    • You can check for updates of your scripting engine or install a new one.

  2. Corrupted Internet-related folders
    • Remove any left over data accumulated from surfing the Internet.
    • Click on the Tools link in the menu and choose Internet Options from the drop down list.
    • On the General Tab, click the Delete Cookies, Delete Files and Clear History buttons.

  3. Video card drivers that have been corrupted or are outdated
    • Reinstall the driver from the CD included with the video card.
    • If the CD is missing, download one from the Internet.
    • Check for updates of the existing video card

  4. DirectX that is either corrupt or outdated
    • Uninstall and reinstall DirectX.
    • Check for updated versions of the program.

  5. Blocked Active scripting, Java Applets, or ActiveX controls caused by the configuration of an anti-virus program, a network firewall, Internet Explorer itself, or a PC firewall
    • Check the settings of the browser. If there are restrictions to the settings, remove them.
    • Check the computer security programs. Makes sure that the settings are set to allow Internet Explorer access to these elements.

Disabling Internet Explorer Script Errors

Internet Explorer is programmed to automatically debug any website it visits, which is why errors automatically appear to alert the user of problems. This can tell the user of problems with the programming of the website itself, which the user has no control over. You can disable the error messages in this case.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on the Tools link in the tool bar.
  3. Select the Internet Options menu item.
  4. Open the Advanced tab.
  5. Scroll through the list of options and locate the heading labeled Browsing.
  6. Put a check on the box next to Disable Script Debugging.
  7. Uncheck the box next to ‘Display A Notification About Every Script Error’ if this box is checked.
  8. Click OK to confirm your changes.

How to Set Up a VLAN

Virtual local area networks or VLANs allow a network manager to segment a LAN (Local Access Network) into different domains. The segmentation is a logical setup and not a physical one. It removes the proximity requirement of LANs. VLANs remove the need for routers to define broadcast domains. All you need is bridging software to define workstations to be included in the broadcast domain. A router is only needed when communicating with another VLAN.

Setting up the VLAN

Assignment to a VLAN is done at the switch level. The switch is the backbone of all available VLANs in a network. The switch has two configurations: trunk mode, and normal mode. These modes are designed to deliver maximum functionality to the network.

Decide on the environment. It is up to you if you want your VLAN to span a lot of switches or if you will only be segmenting one switch. If you have just one switch, this means that you can configure other VLANs without other considerations. On the other hand, if you have multiple switches, you will have to decide which VLANs will be assigned under which switch. You will also have to set up the trunking and the VLAN trunking protocol.


You will need these codes to properly set up the VLAN.

  • ‘SwitchA# vlan database’
  • ‘SwitchA(vlan)# vlan 2 name vlan2’
  • ‘SwitchA(vlan)# exit’
  • ‘SwitchA# configure terminal’
  • ‘SwitchA(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1’
  • ‘SwitchA(config-if)# switchport mode access’
  • ‘SwitchA(config-if)# switchport access vlan 2’
  • ‘SwitchA(config-if)# end’

Use these commands from a privileged mode to create VLAN number 2. VLAN 1 is already there for the management of VLAN so always number created VLANs from 2-1000.

Trunking must be configured at this point because it will allow VLAN information to pass between switches. Set up the trunk mode and the trunk encapsulation mode so that they will match. Otherwise, the manner that frames are identified in the process of data transfer may not match your VLAN and will not be effective. Remember to configure the rest of the set up according to the way you want your VLAN to work.

How to Recover Your Yahoo Password

Yahoo offers several free services. All a user needs to do is create an account so that they can avail of e-mail, instant messaging and other services. The account is locked into the user’s ID and password. This is to protect the user’s personal information and account.

Passwords often contain words or characters that are significant to its users. This is so they can be easily remembered. Some use a sequence of random characters for maximum security. In any case, passwords can be forgotten. Yahoo! has specific methods for resetting your password online.

Online Password Resetting

  1. Visit the Yahoo! homepage. Look for the Sign in button and click it. The button is usually found at the upper right side of the page.
  2. You will be led to a page where you’re supposed to enter your username and your password. Since you forgot your password, click “Forget your ID or password?”
  3. This leads you to a verification process. First, click the circle beside “Yes, my Yahoo! ID is”. Enter your Yahoo! ID in the field beside the “Do you know your Yahoo! ID?” text located below the clicked circle.
  4. Below the text box, you will see a distorted but readable code. Type the code in the text box below it. This is done to ensure that you’re not a spammer and that you’re a real human being.
  5. Click on the “Next” button.
  6. You will be asked to answer a personal question correctly. This question is one which you chose to be your “security question” when you first registered in Yahoo. If you answer it right, your password will be given to you and you will be given the option to reset it if you want to.


Other Ways to Recover your Yahoo! Password

You can also recover your password by logging in to the Yahoo! Sign-in Problems page.

Some browsers also allow you to store your password. Internet Explorer stores this information in Microsoft Protected Storage. You can access this storage system by clicking on the Tools link. Choose the Internet Options option then click Content then AutoComplete.

Viewing the protected storage may not be an easy task. There may be some security measures you were not informed about when you installed Internet Explorer. Some programs are able to help you access it by bypassing a few procedures.

How to Prevent your CPU from Heating Up

There are lots of components in a computer that generate a certain amount of heat. These parts include the CPU (Central Processing Unit), Integrated Circuits, graphic cards, and chip sets. The amount of heat generated depends on the kind of parts, the length of time the system is used, and the area the computer is located in.

Excessive heat can cause the computer to malfunction. To keep it working at its optimum level, and to prevent any damages to its parts, its best to keep it within a safe temperature range.

Knowing the Normal Temperature

A computer system should run at a temperature that ranges from 10 to 20 degrees below the CPU temperature. The normal CPU temperature is around 120°F (49°C). Thus, the normal system temperature should be maintained between 100 and 110°F (38 to 43°C).

Using a Computer Cooling System

A computer cooling system is an excellent method of removing excess heat from the heated parts of the computer system.

There are several ways to perform cooling to remove excess heat:

  1. Ensure proper ventilation. It is recommended not to place personal computers in an enclosed cabinet, unless the back part is open. Modern computer systems require constant cool air circulating through them in order to prevent internal parts from rising above the normal temperature.
  2. Use a CPU fan. The CPU fan is the simplest and most practical way of keeping your CPU cool. It will also speed up the air exchange between the cooler’s ambient mode and the heated mode.

    It is fixed into the internal part of the CPU. The fan starts at the same time as the CPU.

  3. Use a heat sink. A heat sink is employed to enhance heat dissipation over the system’s surface area for a more effective cooling effect. It is usually attached to heat generating electronic components, like microprocessors.

    This computer cooling system is vital as it guarantees the smooth operation of all the parts of the computer system.

  4. Use a Thermal Analysis Tool. It is the computer software that monitors and measures the temperature of the CPU. It can be downloaded immediately from its creator — Intel Corporation.
  5. Some other less popular techniques are:
    • air-cooling
    • thermal conduction
    • liquid cooling
    • heat piping