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How to Cut a Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is the less outrageous, modern variation of the Mohawk popularized by famous soccer superstar, David Beckham. It has the same strip of hair in the middle that the Mohawk has, except that the sides of the head are not shaved and slightly buzzed.

This hairstyle is for trendy individuals who want hair that spells out “rebellious” without being too over-the-top. It may even be worn by females who are going for that daring, tomboyish look.

To cut a faux-hawk, you need the following:

  • hair clippers;
  • scissors;
  • styling gel or mousse, anything to style your hair with;
  • rubber bands;
  • at least two mirrors

You can choose to cut your hair all by yourself. But it is better if you have a friend nearby to guide you with the cutting.

Steps How To Cut a Faux Hawk

Step 1. Measure the thickness of your faux hawk. Use the space between your irises as a guide.

Step 2. Wash your hair, use shampoo if necessary. Towel your hair dry. After drying, part your hair into three sections. Wrap some rubber bands around the hair in the middle.

Step 3. If your hair is considerably long, trim it first with a pair of scissors to make it more manageable and clipper-friendly.

Buzz away some of the hair on the sides and avoid the hair in the middle. Do not shave all the way through. Remember, you’re doing a faux-hawk, not a Mohawk.

Trim off your hair on the side and the middle. Make sure that the hair in the middle is longer than the sides.

Step 4. Remove the rubber bands. Style the middle hair with a handful of gel, mousse or pomade. Use a comb if necessary.

Additional tip:

  • If you have shoulder length hair, you can opt to leave it on there and have a faux-hawk with a ponytail. This variation is called the pony-hawk.