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How to Carve a Wooden Pipe

An interesting form of art that artists can do to profit, wood carving is helpful in making masterpieces with the use of cutting tools and wood pieces. One of the things that artists can try to make by applying the basic methods of carving is a wooden pipe. Making a wooden pipe is not difficult for artists who are dedicated and who are willing to allot time to finish the project. Below are the simple steps to be followed by people who want to know how to carve a wooden pipe.

Tools and Materials

To learn how to carve a wooden pipe, amateurs can start with identifying the materials and tools that are useful in this project like Bruyere wood. If there are no Bruyere wood available, the material can be substituted with a briar block. Aside from wood, artists need some of the basic carving tools such as a chisel, a milling cutter and a grafter. The other important tools and materials are a pencil, a ferrule, a saw, sandpaper, a drill that has gimlets as well as a Dremel tool.


The Design

Before starting the project, it is important to identify the design of the wooden pipe to be made. To have ideas about different pipe designs, search the Internet, magazines or books for pictures and illustrations of wooden pipes. Afterwards, get all the materials and start carving the wood. As a reminder, try different types of wood since the quality of wood used in making the pipe can affect the taste of tobacco that smokers will use.


The initial step in this project is to get the block and the saw. Cut the wood with the use of the saw based on the chosen design. Make a figure that has the basic shapes of the pipe’s stem and bowl. With the use of a pencil, draft a circle at the wide portion of the wood. Draw a smaller circle inside the first circle. These circles are the guide for the hollow part of the bowl.

At the opposite end of the bowl, draft a narrow oval shape that outlines the pipe’s mouthpiece. Drill the holes. Make sure to follow the outlines. Follow the measurements of the design to make the wooden pipe more attractive. Finish the inside as well as the edges of the bowl with the use of the chisel. Remove excess portions of the wood. Finish the pipe’s surface with the use of the sandpaper. Finally, use a sealant and lacquer to polish the wooden pipe.

How to Call International Directory Assistance

International Directory Assistance is a special telecommunication service offered in some countries. This service is very important to individuals who want to contact or communicate with their relatives and friends abroad. With the use of this service, people will not have problems getting the contact information of their loved ones residing or working in other countries. There are different effective and reliable ways to use this service. Discussed below are the different methods that people can use if they are interested to know how to call International Directory Assistance.

First Method

With the use of this method, anyone can easily reach or call International Directory Assistance. The first step is to dial 00. Wait for the recorded message and make sure to follow the instructions. If it is possible, ask for the operator to transfer the call to the directory assistance.

Second Method

If the first option is not possible, then try the second method, which is to call a specific toll-free phone number. Call 1-800-225-5288 and wait until a recording has done playing. Dial 21 after the recording. Another recording will be played. As soon as the second recording was over, dial 0 and wait for the operator. Ask the operator to forward the call to International Directory Assistance.

Third Method

If the two mentioned methods failed, call International Directory Assistance with the use of the long distance telecommunication provider’s corporate code. To determine the code, use several references such as the Internet, periodicals as well as Yellow Pages. Additionally, it is necessary that the code be composed of three numbers or four numbers. After getting the code, use the phone to call the service. The initial step is to dial 101. As soon as an operator answered the call, tell the operator to forward the call to the directory assistance service.

Other Tips

Callers should wait for 30 seconds to a minute when the call is directed or forwarded to the International Directory Assistance. Do not hang up. In addition, it is advantageous to research the costs or rates of calling the service to be assured that it will suit the budget. Moreover, it is also important to know some information about the person to be called or contacted. To contact the directory service easily, ask advice from people who already called International Directory Assistance. Finally, avoid giving out private or personal information to operators when using this service to ensure the safety of the caller as well as the receiver.

How to Build a Roller Coaster

Trying to build a roller coaster will require a lot of effort and planning. Here are the steps you’ll have to work on to get this job done.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Steel and other building materials
  • Heavy machinery
  • Engineers
  • Papers and other design tools
  • Electronic motor

Get All the Paperwork Approved

This is the first step. Go to the appropriate government agency and check the requirements. Depending on the state / country, the specifications will vary. Make sure that your design meets the minimum safety standards at least. This takes time, but you can’t hurry this aspect. Trying to build a roller coaster without notifying authorities can be risky.

Assemble the Building Team

This structure won’t be built by a single person. Get engineers and architects to work with you. If you want make a design yourself. Now show it to the architects and see if it’s feasible.

Pay close attention to what the engineers and surveyors have to say. They’ll inform you how much space is available in the area you chose. The point here is that close coordination is needed. When checking the costs, never scrimp especially in the safety features.

Assembling the Track

When the site is ready, the construction can begin. Start to build a roller coaster start by gauging the total length. The longest one in the US is nearly 1,500 ft. Yours obviously needn’t be like that. But do try to get an exact figure.

Next calculate the altitude of the initial hill. This component will establish the speed for the rest of the ride. The ideal setting is 262 feet.

Create the Slopes

The initial slope is critical. This determines the force it will carry for the other slopes. For best results have the slope with a curvature at the lower portion. The path must also be flat.

The exit path is where the coaster moves following the first hill. For safety reasons, the slope must be low.

The ideal height for hill two is 230 feet. At this level anyone riding on the machine gets that weightlessness effect. This feature is essential when you build a roller coaster.

Create the Loop

The preferred altitude is 115 feet more or less. The usual shape is a circle. Some prefer an elliptical shape. Either one will do.

Tips and Warnings

The larger the project the longer it will take. It’s important that you do not hurry. Accidents often happen because the construction was speedily done. Avoid this at all costs.

Maintenance is a must. Before and after usage, have inspectors check the quality of the machine. The electronic motor must also be assessed regularly. You must have qualified personnel evaluate each component.

Test the machine before opening it to the public. When it is up and running, make sure that you have trained people who can assist passengers in case something goes wrong.

The effort it takes to build a roller coaster is tremendous. But with planning and consideration, you can make one that will be both enjoyable and safe.

How to Build a Paintball Gun

With only a few pipes and screws, you’ll be able to build a paintball gun. The actual construction doesn’t take that long, so you will be able to make several for your friends too.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Plumber’s glue and tape
  • Primer
  • Driller
  • Tire replacement valve
  • Concrete mix
  • PVC pipe 1”
  • A couple of PVC elbows
  • A couple of PVC tees
  • PVC end cap (1”)
  • ¾ Ball valve
  • ¾ Nipple
  • Saw

Note: assign labels 1 and 2 for the PVC tees. The straight end parts will be called A1 and A2 and the perpendicular A3. For the B tee they would be B1 and B2. B3 will be used for the perpendicular.

Connect the Elbows and 1” PVC Pipes

Start by slicing four sections from the 1” PVC. To build a paintball gun, all four must be 4 ft long. Utilize the plumber’s glue to coat over any threads. Now take the two elbows. Put primer and cement on them. Connect the elbows to the pipes.

Connect the PVC Tees

Take the two PVC tees. Put primer and cement (in that order) on each one. Stick the ends designated A3 and B1 to both corners of the pipes. Be sure they are the correct labels. Get the other ends and use the glue to connect them together. It should resemble a box.

Assemble the Outer Parts

Prepare some screws and screwdrivers before you continue to build a paintball gun. Now get the nipple and screw it to the B2 designation. Use another screw to join the nipple to the ball valve. To implement the gun barrel, take the PVC pipe and screw it upon the valve.

Attach the Tire Valve

Use a driller to make openings in the end cap. This is for the tire valve itself. Use adhesive to fasten the tire valve into place. It needs to be set into the end cap properly.

Get the 1” PVC pipe. Measure 9” and cut it. Get the tee end marked A2 and glue it to this pipe. Be sure to link the end cap to the pipe too. Let the cement mixture dry for two days. After that period, it will be ready for use. You can now build a paintball gun for your friends too.


Practice shooting on bottles or walls first. Don’t use it on a person until you’re sure it works properly.

Use robust pipes. If you settle for worn out types, the results might not be satisfactory. You should also give the pieces the required time to dry. Using it prematurely might damage it.

The area you choose to play in should be far from people. You don’t want anyone to get smeared with the paint if they’re not playing. If you are going to play in your yard, steer clear of any furnishings that might get smeared too.

Always wear the appropriate gear before starting the game. Also make sure everyone understands the rules.

There are plenty of these gadgets available in stores, but as you can see you can build a paintball gun easily. You get to save money and besides, it’s more fun.

How to Stop a Common Cold

Steps on how to stop a common cold are quite easy to follow. In fact, they sometimes seem to pamper the patient—rest, fruit juices, green tea, and many other refreshing remedies. As a cure for sneezing, each of these remedies often provides a soothing answer on how to stop a common cold.

The common cold remedy is to take an analgesic or paracetamol every four hours and take a rest. The same with sneezing, which often signals the start of a cold. The traditional cure for sneezing is also take the same mentioned medicines. Aside from this proven cure, which sometimes need doctor’s approval, there are other simpler solutions on how to stop a common cold.

Drink Lots of Liquids

A very effective and often suggested remedy is drinking lots of liquids. But beware. Liquids here do not include softdrinks, beers, or liquors. Neither do they mean powdered fruit juices or even freshly squeezed fruit juiced sweetened with white sugar. A tip on how to stop a common cold is to avoid any intoxicating drink or those with white sugar content. White sugar weakens the immune system. Thus, it is advisable to opt instead to drink lots of pure alkaline water as a cure for sneezing, or fresh fruit juices without sugar.

Vitamin C Supplements

Take sodium ascorbate instead of ascorbic acid when deciding on how to stop a common cold. Ascorbic Acid sometimes irritates the stomach by triggering acidity. Some sodium ascorbate pills are alkaline based so they do not cause stomach acidity. They are a perfect cure for sneezing and common colds. So, the next time one decides to take Vitamin C, opt for the non-acidic type, like sodium ascorbate.

Natural Vitamin C in Fruits

Another recommendable option on how to stop a common cold is eat lots of fruits rich in Vitamin C. Like oranges, apples, grapes, and guavas. However, health experts say the right time to take Vitamin C is before any illness sets in, not after. Nonetheless, at the first sign of an illness, it’s still a good cure for sneezing and a remedy on how to stop a common cold. As they say, it is better late than never. At least, the illness will be contained or cut short.

Hot Tea with a Pinch of Lemon

Finally, nothing probably beats the concoction of hot green tea and lemon against the onslaught of a sneeze reinforced by a common cold. While taking a full rest relaxing, leisurely sip a cup of hot green tea with a squeeze of lemon or orange. Sniff in the vapor the concoction produces. This relieves the swelling sinus and clears stuffy nose, at the same time that drinking the brew reduces irritation in the throat and fixes the common cold. Green tea, by the way, is a know natural antiseptic. So it is among the best thing on how to stop a common cold.

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How to Make an Untraceable Phone Call

There are several reasons why people want to make private and untraceable phone calls. For individuals who want to know how to make an untraceable phone call, there are some guidelines that they should follow and technologies that they can use like softphone and disposable mobile phones, to lessen the possibilities that the calls will be traced or tracked by authorities.

Securing the Phone Number

One of the most effective methods of securing one’s privacy and identity when making a phone call is by concealing the phone number in use. By pressing *67 before making the call, the recipient’s caller ID will not be able to reveal the source of the phone call. Even if the caller ID will not determine the number of the caller, the recipient can still identify the source of the call by pressing *57.

The Softphone

Another effective method that can be used to make untraceable phone calls is by using a computer application known as the softphone. This program is very useful to make calls through the Internet. In this way, the chances that the call will be traced or tracked will be lessened. To make sure that authorities will not be able to trace the source of the call, always remember to use a free proxy server so that the true IP address will not be revealed.

Disposable Phones and Payphones

Disposable phones and payphones are other devices that can be used to make an untraceable phone call. When making calls inside phone booths, it is important to inspect the place for security cameras since these are very helpful tools in tracing or tracking phone calls. If the phone call needs to be confidential and untraceable, then the best option is to use a disposable phone. As a caution or reminder to individuals who prefer to use disposable mobile phones, do not forget to turn off and discard the phone that was used to make the call to lessen the chances that the call will be traced or the location of the source of the call will be identified. In addition, those who want to be sure that the call will not be traced, they are advised to limit the time of call to at most 15 minutes. This is for the reason that authorities in various countries have sophisticated telecommunication equipment and devices that can help them track or trace calls that last for at least 20 seconds.

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How to Eat Snow Crab Legs

Consuming snow crab legs can be tricky at times. Despite its pleasant and super delicious taste and flavor, eating this delicious dish can be messy and hard at times, especially for those who barely know and lack the skill to do the job. For this reason, it is but good to know how to eat snow crab legs.

Materials Needed

When people know how to eat snow crab legs, they can easily enjoy and appreciate such special treat. The materials for this simple task include lemon wedges, which can add an enticing taste to the dish. Likewise, melted butter also goes well with such appetizing treat. Furthermore, pick out hard to reach meat of crab using a fork or crab pick.


There are many ways to eat snow crab legs. Simply pull the legs off from the body. In each leg, there are two joints. Break the bigger joint. Slowly pull the two broken pieces. Sometimes, the crabmeat goes out instantaneously. If this happens, separate the meat and put it right into a plate. Add flavor to it by squeezing the wedges of lemon right into the meat. Get the melted butter and then dip the meat before eating. Savor the delectable and yummy taste of this exquisite seafood dish.

When the meat does not come out after breaking the joints, cracking the shell is the best thing to do. Do not crush the shell too much. Apply pressure that is just enough to crack the shell. Slowly take the cracks off little by little until the meat is entirely exposed. Give the dish an added pleasant taste by squeezing the lemon wedges right into the meat. Dip it in melted butter. Eat, appreciate and enjoy the delightful taste and goodness of this simple yet highly delicious treat.

Some of the meat can be found at hard to reach parts and shells. Use the crab pick to take them. For those who do not have crab pick, simply use fork in exchange for such tool. Do the same thing afterwards to the meat using the lemon wedges. Add melted butter and then eat.

Additional Tips and Information

People can use fork instead of crab pick. After enjoying the dish, cleaning is very important. Remove the crab flavor off your hands by using tissue or any brand of hand wipe. More importantly, go to the sink and then wash the flavor off your hands using water and soap.

How to Buy Flattering Clothes

Having a background on the different body shapes is important to know how to buy flattering clothes. It is also beneficial that an individual know the attractive tops and bottoms that will suit one’s height and body size.

Buying flattering clothes is important to stay beautiful, attractive and sexy. Choosing the right clothes to wear is easy and simple if a person knows the designs and styles that will suit one’s body shape. Discussed below are tips on how to buy flattering clothes. In addition, it is important to have a background on the different body shapes.

The Different Body Shapes

To learn how to buy flattering clothes, it is best to start with identifying one’s body shape. Fashion experts categorize body shapes into four types, namely apple shaped, hourglass shaped, pear shaped and rectangle shaped. The upper part of people with apple shaped bodies is larger than the lower part. On the other hand, those whose lower part is larger than the upper part have pear shaped bodies. Individuals who have hourglass shaped bodies, have a noticeable curve in the waistline. Finally, those who have rectangle shaped bodies have minor curves, but basically, the upper and lower portion of their bodies are proportion.

Buying Flattering Clothes Based on Body Shapes

Knowing one’s body shape is significant to buy flattering clothes. People with apple shaped bodies should buy belted skirts and jackets as well as V-neck tops to emphasize their shoulders and make their waistlines appear smaller. They should avoid buying and using baggy shirts and tight jeans.

Individuals who have hourglass shaped bodies should buy halter-tops. When it comes to bottoms, it is best that they use skirts with slits and pants that have wide legs. Moreover, people with hourglass shaped bodies should avoid wearing baggy bottoms and tops as well as blouses with ruffles.

Pear shaped individuals should buy clothes that will emphasize the upper portion of their bodies. Some of the flattering clothes that they can use are flared skirts, light colored shirts as well as dark washed pants. They should avoid buying tapered jeans, light colored jeans and tight skirts.

Finally, individuals who have rectangle shaped bodies should wear tops that have thin straps. They can also wear jackets that have cinched waists. Other flattering clothes that they can buy are low-rise jeans and skirts. People with rectangle shaped bodies should avoid buying and wearing jeans or skirts with vertical patterns.

Additional Tips

Height should also be considered when buying flattering clothes. People whose heights are less than 5’10” must avoid wearing Capri pants. Shorts and skirts will make them more attractive and sexier. In addition, they are also encouraged to wear V-neck tops

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How to Aim a Slingshot

Knowing how to aim a slingshot involves learning good hand to eye coordination through constant practice. But more than that, it involves knowing how to safely use it without causing injury to yourself and all the living things around you.

Often seen sticking out of the backpockets of adventure-seeking boys, a slingshot is a small handmade weapon that can project small stones and similar projectiles. It is typically made of a Y shaped tree branch of about 6 to 8 inches. Attached to each of the two ends of the Y frame are heavy rubber bands connected in the middle with a wide leather pad or pouch. To use the slingshot, a small round stone is placed on the pouch, then the bands are pulled and aimed at the target and released.

Modern factory-crafted slingshots are made of steel or aluminum frames powered by latex surgical tubings with synthetic pouches. These feature wrist braces for improved stability and accuracy. Using shots made of steel bearing balls or glass marbles, these slingshots have a range of up to 65 meters and are powerfuil enough to hunt small game such as rabbits, ducks, pheasants and pigeons or to rid farmlands of pests and rodents.

Target shooting with a slingshot can be a challenging hobby that improves your hand and eye coordination. Because these are durable, quiet and easy to use, slingshots can also be an important part of your survival gear for use in obtaining food when you are lost in the woods or mountains. Knowing how to aim a slingshot is the most important aspect in using this simple weapon as illustrated in the simple easy-to-follow steps below:

1. Put a round stone or similar projectile on the pouch of the slingshot then grip its underside between the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand. Then, with your non-dominant hand, hold the stem of the Y frame upright at a 90 degree angle and don’t allow the frame to slope forward or backward while extending your arms and wrist as straight as you can parallel to the ground.

2. While gripping the pouch, pull the bands tight towards your cheek and aim at your target by lining it up between the Y. The rubber bands should extend as far back as possible towards you to give the projectile a stronger forward thrust.

3. Let go off the projectile by gently releasing the pouch. In a follow through position, continue holding the slingshot facing the target until the projectile strikes it. You may not initially hit the target, but as you get accustomed to the feel of your slingshot and the trajectory of the projectile you will acquire the skill of knowing how to properly position your slingshot to zero in on your target.

Important Tip: Always check the condition of your slingshot’s rubber bands by tugging these and inspect for weak spots. A band that breaks has a tendency to strike and injure your face or eyes. As a precautionary measure, wear protective glasses or goggles whenever you use your slingshot. Remember that a slingshot is a weapon. One of the important aspects of learning how to aim a slingshot is knowing that it should not be used in places where there are people or animals around.

How to Get Rid of Mice

If you see one mouse running in your house, there must be others lurking in the dark. Mice nibble at your food and leave droppings. They are deadly health hazards because of the diseases that they bring.

You need to eliminate all the mice which are sharing your house. It is important to seal off all possible entry points. Look around your house for the holes through which the mice come in. Board up small holes since they can enter even through very small openings. You can also stick steel wool into small holes. The mice cannot chew through them.

You can kill mice by setting traps or using poisons. It is safer to use traps because the poisons are dangerous to humans too. When mice ingest the poison, they may die in places where you can’t easily get them. The rotten body will pose as a further threat to you.

There are many kinds of traps.

  • The spring-loaded bar mouse trap has a spring-loaded bar and a trip to release it. Bait such as cheese is used to lure the mouse.
  • The electric mouse trap delivers a lethal dose of electricity when the mouse touches it.
  • Glue traps are made by applying synthetic or natural adhesive to plastic or cardboard trays. These are not that effective outdoors since the moisture and dust will make the adhesive ineffective.
  • Live traps are cages designed to trap the mice alive so that they can be released elsewhere. However, if you live in the city, it is difficult to find a place to release the mice.

If there are too many mice in your house, you may need to use poison. If you do so, be sure to follow the instructions for use very carefully. Exercise safety precautions to keep the poison away from children and pets.

Peppermint oil is a natural deterrent against mice. They don’t like its smell. You can put a drop or two in cotton balls which can be placed in areas where the mice go. You can also grow peppermint plants near entry ways.

If these tips do not work for you, ask for professional help.