How Long Can a Cat Be Left Alone

While cats don’t usually need excessive amount of attention from their owners, they do require certain particulars to be in place whenever their owners are away for an extended period. There are several factors that will affect how long a cat can survive on its own, but no cat should ever be left alone for more than 7 days.

What your cat will need while you’re gone

• Adequate food and fresh water
• Clean litter box
• A trusted friend or a paid cat sitter
• A variety of toys

Leaving Kittens home alone

Kittens are very active, curious and prone to accidents. Even with adequate food, clean water and a cat lover to check on them, they’ll need more care and attention than an adult cat. In the best interest of your furniture and kitten’s life, do not leave kittens home alone for any extended period.

Leaving Sick or older cats home alone

Older cats without a history of illness may be left home alone with adequate water, food, toys and a cat lover to check on them at least once per day. A sick cat or any cat with a history of serious illness should not be left alone. Any number of accidents can happen and complications may develop quickly and without warning. In the case of an emergency, there may not be enough time to rush a cat off to the vet even if it is being checked on daily.

Leaving a cat alone while out at work or for a couple of days

Cats only need adequate food, clean water, and enough toys to keeps them occupied while their owner is out for a normal 8-10 hours work day. For a maximum of two days, cats require the same thing with the inclusion of a cat sitter to check on them once each day while the owner is away.

Leaving a cat alone for 7-10 days

Cats do notice when their owners are not around and will become lonely or depressed. Do not leave them alone for more than 10 days with or without a sitter. For a week away, leave cats with enough food, water and toys. For the best option, hire a cat sitter for approximately $15-$18 per day while away. If you are unable to, ask a trusted neighbour, friend or relative to check on the cat at least once per day.

Tips and warnings

  • Cat sitters should interact playfully with cats. Playing with cats will help to alleviate depression and, or loneliness.
  • Clean the cat’s litter box and give it fresh food and water everyday.
  • If there are several cats in the household they’ll provide each other with company, so they can be left alone for a longer time.
  • Cats should be left indoors while owners are away. There should be no openings in the house that may lead the cat outdoors.
  • Remember to leave the cat’s vet. Information with whoever will look after it.
  • Use your knowledge of the cat’s personality to help determine how long the cat will be able to survive without its owner.