How to Build a Loft Bed

Loft beds are inexpensive to build. You can even use scrap lumber. Making them doesn’t require much skill in carpentry.

  1. Finding the Right Place
  2. If you want to build a loft bed, start by looking for the suitable spot in your house. Look at the corners in your bedrooms. The available space should be at least 6 ½ feet long and four feet wide to accommodate one person. The minimum ceiling height should be at least eight feet.

  3. Materials and Tools Needed
  4. To build a loft bed, you can use different types and sizes of lumber. You will need:

    • 4 x 8 x 3/4 inch thick plywood
    • Four lumber posts: 4’x 4’ x 8’ (heart redwood, regular pine, or any strong wooden post)
    • Three regular 2’x 6’ x 8’
    • Three finished lumber boards: 1’x3 ½ ‘x 8
    • Lag screws and bolts
    • Mattress
    • Ladder

    The tools you need are:

    • Electric drilling machine
    • Saw
    • Square

    Steps to Build a Loft Bed

    1. Use the 2’ x 6’ lumber to make a rectangular box. Cut two of the 2×6’s to a length of 6 ½ feet. Cut the rest to a length of 37 inches. The long pieces overlap with the short pieces in the corners so that you have a box with dimensions of 40“ x 78” x 5 ½“ tall.
    2. Cut the piece of plywood to fit the box. Screw it to the box at 2 feet intervals.
    3. To make the posts, cut the 4’ x 4’ posts to the same length. You can lay them on the ground and use a square to mark a line across the four posts. The length should be tall enough to provide three feet clearance from the ceiling.
    4. Place the two posts so that the outer edges are parallel and spaced 78 inches apart. Ask the help of another person to tilt the loft platform until the plywood’s surface touches the line on the post.
    5. Drill the holes to the posts and attach the platform.

    Now your loft bed is finished. You can put the mattress and pillows on top of your loft platform. Attach a ladder if your bed is too high.