How to Become a Surgeon

Being a surgeon opens great career opportunities to excellent doctors. To those who want to know how to become a surgeon, there are some requirements that they need to satisfy such as enrolling in medical schools and residency programs.

This is a medical profession that offers rewarding and beneficial career opportunities to outstanding and excellent doctors. To specialize in the field of surgery, there are some important requirements to be completed or satisfied. Discussed below are the steps that people should follow if they want to know how to become a surgeon.

Undergraduate Degree

The first step to become a reputable and registered surgeon is to obtain a four-year undergraduate degree in any university. To increase the chances of being accepted in an outstanding and leading medical school, it is necessary to maintain high grades. In addition, students who want to become surgeons should enroll in courses that are related to medicine such as physics, organic chemistry as well as biology. Aside from these, they are required to take courses in social sciences and humanities. To have advantages over other undergraduate students, participate in extracurricular activities like medical and dental missions.

Medical School

After obtaining a four-year degree in university, submit applications and requirements to medical schools. Some of the important requirements that these schools usually ask from applicants are transcripts and recommendation letters. Additionally, applicants should pass the medical college admission examinations administered by the schools where they want to enroll. As they enroll in medical schools, always remember to register in these courses, medical ethics and laws, physiology, microbiology, pathology and pharmacology.

Residency Program

As they graduate from medical schools, doctors should be accepted in a hospital that offers residency programs for future surgeons. In order to qualify in these programs, physicians should pass at least one licensure examination. Depending on the medical fields that doctors want to specialize, they need to finish the residency program within six to eight years. During their stays in the hospital, doctors should take rotations in shifts. Moreover, they need to be patient, diligent and hardworking. It is important that they pay attention to the different medical cases that they will handle.

Board Examination

After completing the residency program, doctors should allot time to review concepts, topics and lessons related to the field of surgery since they need to take board certification examinations. They will only be considered as licensed or registered surgeons if they pass these exams. Afterwards, surgeons can start applying in medical centers or hospitals. To increase the chances of being hired, it is best to submit a job application form or resume to the hospital where one finished or completed the residency program. Furthermore, registered surgeons can also open their own clinics and practice their profession privately.

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